3nets Joins Open Grid Alliance (OGA) to Collaborate with Industry Leaders to Simplify Customer Cloud Journey to the Edge

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Extending Applications from Private Data Centers and Hyperscalers to the Distributed Edge is a Critical Need for Cloud Cost and Performance Optimization

I’m pleased to welcome 3nets to the OGA. Their approach to simplifying networking and security for the distributed edge applications is an essential part of OGA’s strategy”

— Stephen Spellicy

SANTA CLARA, CA, UNITED STATES, August 24, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — 3nets, a software and solution provider, driven to assist businesses’ digital transformation journey, has joined the Open Grid Alliance (OGA) and its vast ecosystem of industry leaders, academics, and industry specialists dedicated to reimagining the Edge from the ground up.

“The concept of cloud computing is rapidly expanding beyond existing data centers and hyperscalers to include edge cloud providers that will be extremely diverse and distributed,” says Abraham Pucheril, 3nets CEO. “Multi-cloud networking, as we know it now, will expand rapidly to include a potential of hundreds of edge cloud providers globally. This architecture is often referred to as metacloud or supercloud. 3nets seeks to simplify multi-cloud capabilities for service providers by developing a single API that will abstract the complexity of other cloud providers complexities and simplify service delivery across a multi cloud service environment.”

“3nets looks forward to working with other like-minded partners and forwarding their goals to reimagine the edge. To support the architecture needed for the Open Grid, it will be imperative for network constructs, security policies, and artificial intelligence to come together to securely connect distributed applications across multiple service provider networks globally. 3nets has engineered a provider neutral platform that will simplify underlying network connectivity and security while being responsive to application needs across multiple service provider networks.”

“I’m pleased to welcome 3nets to the OGA. Their approach to simplifying networking and security for the distributed edge applications is an essential part of OGA’s strategy to scale and optimize applications for a variety of use cases and vertical industries,” said Stephen Spellicy, OGA’s Head of Marketing.
3nets is a company that is hyper-focused on providing a service delivery framework across multi-cloud networks by simplifying, automating, and optimizing networking, security, and ongoing operations. Business enterprises and government entities are looking for increased application agility, reduced ongoing operational complexities, and the ability to integrate with next-generation technologies, like AI, to deliver measurable results. 3nets believes a multi-cloud network abstraction should appear transparent to micro-service applications and accommodate legacy application infrastructures while hiding and automating all inter-cloud, inter-network boundaries.

About the Open Grid Alliance:

The Open Grid Alliance is a member-supported collaboration organization that produces vendor-neutral strategies to re-architect the Internet with the grid topologies needed to empower the next generation of applications and scale globally.

About 3nets Inc:

3nets.io is a Santa Clara, CA company on a mission to accelerate the world’s digital transformation. 3nets aims to unlock the full potential of cloud computing by simplifying today’s complex multi-cloud environment and delivering value added services to enhance application and service delivery across private data centers and multiple cloud platforms, including hyperscalers, regional cloud providers, and edge cloud providers. 3nets is Multi-cloud Networking without Borders

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