3nets & Rockfish Data Enter into a Partnership to Bring Generative AI and Multi Cloud Networking Solutions to Customers

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Partner Solution to Serve Enterprises, Hyper scalers, Private Data Centers, and Edge Cloud Providers

SANTA CLARA, CA, UNITED STATES, August 15, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — 3nets, a software and solution provider, driven to accelerate application deployment, data connectivity, and operational efficiencies across multi cloud, edge cloud, and private cloud environments, and Rockfish Data, a Generative AI software company focused on creating a world where innovation is not constrained by data silos, have entered into a partnership to bring innovative Generative AI and Multi Cloud networking solutions to enterprises, hyper scalers, private data centers, and edge cloud providers.

The partnership between 3nets and Rockfish Data brings together two up and coming dynamic forces in the technology landscape. Both companies are committed to their mission of removing the boundaries that exist across today’s data silos, by providing unparalleled access for data collection, and increased data visibility and representation to optimize the data for efficient use for downstream business cases.

“We are thrilled to partner with Rockfish Data to deliver a holistic solution that empowers businesses to harness the full potential of data, AI and ML solutions across a multi cloud environment,” said Abraham Pucheril, CEO at 3nets. “3nets innovative platform is focused on creating an application overlay network fabric that removes the networking and security borders that exists between cloud providers, while Rockfish’s groundbreaking synthetic data capabilities eliminates data silos to make data more accessible for businesses to make better decisions. Our partnership aims to provide an end-to-end solution that supercharges AI/ML adoption and fosters a culture of data innovation.”

The combined strengths of 3nets and Rockfish offers a unique opportunity for organizations to break down the barriers that are often present when data is generated across diverse environments and is collected and stored in multiple silos. By removing the barriers of data collection and deploying Generative AI/ML, the companies are combining to democratize access to high-quality, diverse data, and make it universally available to business decision makers. The partnership is set to catalyze groundbreaking use cases across industries.

“At the heart of this collaboration lies a common goal: to accelerate application deployment and drive operational efficiencies. 3nets, with its extensive experience and expertise in cloud application visibility, is perfectly poised to complement Rockfish Data’s pioneering approach to synthetic data generation leading to a rapid roll-out of effective AI/ML technologies,” said Muckai Girish, Co-founder & CEO of Rockfish Data.

Rockfish Data’s state-of-the-art synthetic data workbench is designed to empower Data Scientists and overcome the challenges posed by enterprises that are contstandly plagued by sparse data and sharing limitations. . By breaking down these barriers, Rockfish Data’s generative AI software solution is propelling a future where innovation is not confined by the limitations of data availability.

3nets has recently announced the release of the 3nets | CloudNavigator™ platform. With 3nets | CloudNavigator™, businesses receive the freedom to adopt any Cloud easily for cost or functional reasons. The platform employs connectors that build a secure hybrid/multi-cloud fabric named 3nets | Application Service Fabric™.

Rockfish Overview:

Rockfish Data’s vision is to create a world where innovation is not constrained by data silos. Rockfish’s Synthetic Data Workbench for Data Scientists is a Generative AI software solution to address data sparsity and data sharing restrictions in enterprises globally across a variety of verticals. Drawing upon foundational innovations originally developed at CMU, Rockfish provides a cloud-agnostic software product that automatically customizes itself to the data.

For more information, visit www.rockfish.ai

About 3nets Inc:

3nets is a Santa Clara, CA company on a mission to accelerate the world’s digital transformation. 3nets aims to unlock the full potential of cloud computing by simplifying today’s complex hybrid multi-cloud, edge cloud, and private cloud environments and delivering value added services, automation, and cost savings to optimize application and service delivery.

For more information, visit 3nets on LinkedIn or www.3nets.io.

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