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5G Magazine, August 2023 Edition | TeckNexus

5G Magazine, August 2023 Edition | TeckNexus

The Evolution of Connectivity: Navigating the Broad Horizons of 5G, OpenRAN, and Spatial Web, and Exploring Their Deep Integration with AI & Augmented Realities

TeckNexus’s core principle has always been to foster collaboration and enlightenment. Our latest 5G Magazine amplifies voices that will undoubtedly shape the telecom industry’s trajectory.”

— Hema Kadia

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — TeckNexus, a media and research company, proudly presents its August edition of the 5G Magazine. This comprehensive edition delves into the newest breakthroughs in telecommunications, focusing on 5G, Open RAN, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), and Spatial web technologies tailored especially for industry leaders and forward-thinkers. The magazine keeps decision-makers abreast of the rapidly evolving telecom industry ecosystem by curating expert insights and robust research.

At the heart of this edition is a spotlight on industry stalwarts, including an insightful conversation with Arun Bhikshesvaran, the CEO of Radisys Corporation. In his exclusive article titled “Driving Connectivity Forward: Radisys’ Role in the Open RAN and Small Cells Landscape,” Bhikshesvaran demystifies Radisys’ pioneering journey in the realm of Open RAN and 5G technologies. He details how they leverage strong partnerships and open-source strategies to roll out scalable and adaptable software solutions in the market. We also spotlight standard and policy organizations like the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), Small Cell Forum (SCF), and Open RAN Policy Coalition that are at the forefront, steering the telecommunications industry towards the future of Open RAN and 5G technologies, shaping new paradigms, and establishing industry standards.

A special mention must go to Markus Kümmerle’s piece on the CAMARA Project, titled “API Driven Seamless Access to Telco Network Capabilities.” The CAMARA project is an initiative that exposes telco network capabilities via APIs, simplifying network complexity and providing benefits across telco operators and countries. It’s transforming the very fabric of telecom networks into robust service platforms, opening the door for enhanced service capabilities and fresh revenue streams for telecom providers. Dive into this article to learn about the CAMARA Project’s journey, its approach toward standardization and simplification, and its vision for the future.

The magazine also dives into the future of consumer engagement, courtesy of Ganesh Harinath, CEO at Fiducia | AI. His article, “How Will 5G Revolutionize Consumer Engagement in the Spatial Web Era?” probes into the $30.7 billion Spatial Web market projection by 2025, examining the amalgamation of 5G, AI, AR, VR, and NFTs. It’s an invitation for industry pioneers to familiarize themselves with these technological integrations that are reshaping consumer interactions.

The 5G Magazine is now available on the TeckNexus website. Join us in discussing our evolving digital landscape. If you’re part of the 5G/Connectivity and telecom ecosystem and have insights, breakthroughs, or experiences to share, we have various sponsorship opportunities available. Connect with our friendly team at sales@tecknexus.com.

In the next editions, we’ll be diving into:
1. Satellite Connectivity and Non-terrestrial Networks (NTN)
2. Private Wireless Networks, including Private 5G/LTE and CBRS
3. Future Connectivity and Technologies enabling Network Automation

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