Bakersfield, California – A-1 Auto Transport Inc. is excited to announce that it has officially opened its new business location in Bakersfield, California. A-1 Auto Transport is one of the largest auto shippers in the United States. The company has facilities in the United States and overseas. A-1 Auto Transport has decades of experience in shipping automobiles across the country and getting its customers the best prices possible. Customers can get their automobiles shipped domestically or globally, and they can trust that each shipment will be handled with care and delivered at the right time. A-1 Auto Transport is a leader in the auto transport industry, and the company doesn’t have any hidden costs because it has streamlined the process of shipping automobiles across the country.

Whether clients need to ship cars, trucks, boats, or even RVs, A-1 Auto Transport can offer them the best price and the most efficient delivery process. A-1 Auto Transport has served over 190 countries around the world and has delivered over 2 million automobiles with a 97% customer satisfaction rate. This makes A-1 Auto Transport one of the most trusted and efficient auto shippers in the United States.

One of the core values at this company is transparency and ensuring that customers are always kept in the loop and are aware of what is going on. Customers can trust that the quotes they receive are competitive and transparent. This is what sets A-1 Auto Transport apart from the many shady companies in the auto shipping industry. The auto shipping industry can be complex and the entire shipping process can be bureaucratic and quite complicated. The A1 team has over 30 years of experience in navigating the most complicated situations in this industry. Customers can trust that they will get the most efficient solution by shipping with A-1 Auto Transport. The A1 team offers competitive prices without undercutting the quality of their services. Customers will be fully aware of everything that happens during the entire shipping process so they are fully informed and kept in the loop.

About A-1 Auto Transport

A-1 Auto Transport was founded in 1988 in Watsonville, California where it started as a towing company that provided 24-hour emergency shipping and roadside assistance. It eventually grew to become an international company expanding its services to Asia and Europe and other parts of the world. In 2008 the company reached a great milestone of helping over 500,000 shipments. And in 2018, the company celebrated its 30th anniversary after servicing nearly every country in the world. A-1 Auto Transport provides the best possible shipping services for its clients who are trying to find the best solution for their auto shipping needs.

The founder and president of A-1 Auto Transport states, “A-1 Auto Transport makes it our mission to ensure that your shipment goes fast, easy, and as stress free as possible while maintaining affordability. It doesn’t matter if you are moving a car, boat, motorcycle, heavy equipment, or household goods, you get the same high-quality level of service that we provide our biggest clients. We also offer in-depth industry knowledge on our website, free of charge. This information is designed to help you understand the shipping process from start to finish. This is part of our goal to be as transparent as possible.”

The website includes helpful articles and research about the cost of shipping that can help readers learn more about the industry, and what shipping costs could look like to give them more knowledge. Some of the latest articles include information about how to ship exotic cars around the world, and how to ship ATVs and motorcycles. This helpful information is great for our customers who would like to learn more. To find out how A-1 Auto Transport can help you with your shipping needs please visit their website here: You can also find them on Twitter or on YouTube.


About A-1 Auto Transport Inc. – Bakersfield

A-1 Auto Transport is one of the largest USA-based worldwide auto shippers in the industry. We have offices and storage facilities located in major cities and metro areas throughout the U.S. and overseas, as well as a staff of experienced shipping professionals to make sure you get the service you need at a price that you’ll love.

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