Aarna Networks and Predera offer Generative AI through a fully managed private LLM

Aarna Networks + Predera GenAI Topology and Solution Stack

Aarna Networks + Predera GenAI

Enterprises can ramp up quickly and affordably to explore the exciting world of generative AI with a secure, tunable, fully managed Large Language Model (LLM)

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Aarna Networks, which solves enterprise edge and private 5G management complexity through zero-touch edge orchestration at scale, today announced a collaboration with Predera, a prominent provider of AI and machine learning solutions, to jointly bring a secure, private, fully managed large language model (LLM) offering to the industry.

Generative artificial intelligence (AI), a form of machine learning (ML), has begun to transform nearly every aspect of our economy and society as a whole. Enterprises today are now eager to build AI models to analyze their own company data and IP and extract valuable insights. However, building a GenAI stack on-prem is cumbersome, and building in the public cloud is fraught with privacy and IPR issues.

In order to address these challenges and allow enterprises to ramp their GenAI efforts faster, Aarna and Predera have teamed to offer a fully managed LLM using the Aarna Networks Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform (AMCOP), the Predera AIQ MLOps Platform, a choice of Llama, Dolly, or NeMo LLMs, a management dashboard, professional services, and operational support.

Benefits include:
* A zero touch, fully managed environment (installation, configuration, management, upgrades)
* Full control and fine tuning of the model
* 0% chance of data leakage with private environment
* Potential to access sensitive data securely via a private connection
* Significant cost savings over systems integrators or commercially managed services

“Data scientists and AI/ML architects globally are looking to deploy and fine-tune LLMs to generate value for their enterprises and leapfrog their competition,” said Amar Kapadia, co-founder and CEO, Aarna Networks. “We’re excited to partner with Predera to offer an affordable, yet robust environment for enterprises to get started in just a few hours with generative AI while maintaining control and privacy and enjoying ease-of-use.”

“Generative AI is the biggest innovation in the space of AI that I have personally seen in the past two decades, and any company that is not leveraging its potential to their full advantage is missing out. Our AIQ LLMOps engine brings together the most modern toolstack required to help enterprises do exactly the same, and we are excited to bring this to Aarna’s ecosystem,” said Vamshi Ambati, CEO of Predera.

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Predera is a leading provider of AI-driven solutions for businesses. Our mission is to help businesses leverage the power of machine learning and AI to drive growth, optimize operations, and reduce costs. Our flagship platform, AIQ, is a cloud-native, secure, SaaS platform that simplifies ML life-cycle management for modern enterprises. With an innovative MLOps platform, industry-specific ML models, and high-quality solutions expertise, Predera has served customers in the Retail, Finance, Healthcare & Pharma industries. With their enhanced LLM capabilities, Predera continues to be at the forefront of enabling businesses to harness the power of machine learning models and extract meaningful insights from their data.
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