Pamela Jane Nye, Nurse

Pamela Jane Nye, CEO/Operation Scrubs, Inc. and Founder/Executive Director of The Nurses Wall global tribute mission.

Build it and they will come

We built it. The image below explains what it looks like, what you can do with it, what is does and why …


THE NURSES WALL is a global, infinate, 24/7 tribute to the world’s 27+ million unsung hero nurses and a memorial to the 2,500+ nurses who died by choosing work to provide care for the COVID-19 battling patients.

Operation Scrubs Logo Means ...

Operation Scrubs, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created to provide innovative tuition-free continuing nurse education, advanced nursing education scholarships for working floor nurses, and positive nurse image advocacy worldwide.


Yoda’s “Do or do not. There is no try!” is the mindset behind THE NURSES WALL’s construction and future nurse-thanking message postings …

Frustrated by unresponsive agents, managers and PR firms, Operation Scrubs CEO says, “New Rules” and uses global news releases as her recruiting invitations.

Posting a nurse-thanking message is free and takes only a few minutes. Yet the world’s nurse population perceives these messages as priceless. So, who or why would anyone say ‘No’? Seriously!”

— Pamela Jane Nye

MARINA DEL REY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2024 / — In the face of skepticism, ridicule and reneged funding, Pamela Jane Nye is the esteemed CEO of Operation Scrubs Inc. who stands undeterred as she unveils THE NURSES WALL — an audacious mission and one-of-a-kind gift that pays indefinite year-round public tribute to nurses worldwide.

Nye describes THE NURSES WALL as “a groundbreaking platform transcending borders, allowing the global community to unite and emphasizing the global impact of recognizing and thanking nurses and,” while explaining the profound value of recognizing nurses’ unwavering dedication and care, Nye spotlights, “THE NURSES WALL is also a positive global initiative allowing virtually everyone to participate.”

And,” Nye adds, “the impact of a billion+ public nurse-thanking message postings during this year’s May 12th International Nurses Day celebration is not only realistic and possible, it’s predictable.”

In support of her claims, Nye presents two strategies to achieve the billion+ message posting challenge. The first involves collaborating with IT giants with billions of social media followers, such as Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Apple.

The second strategy focuses on engaging high-profile individuals like Cristiano Ronaldo, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Ariana Grande, each with a massive half-billion social media following, to amplify the initiative’s reach and impact.

Nye’s confidence in connecting with decision-makers and high-profile figures like Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce stems from her successful track record in proposing unique and impactful initiatives, which, in this instance, “Participation must be logistically simple, mathematically foreseeable, easily executed and unique.” “Also,” Nye adds as she highlights THE NURES WALL’s lasting impact, “it’s a meaningful, infinite tribute to the world’s 27+ million unsung hero nurses and memorializes the 2,500+ nurses who tragically died choosing work to provide care for their COVID-19 battling patients.”

When asked about the reality of getting Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce as the recipients of her first media release invitation, Nye smiled politely stating, “If this mission expects to garner a billion+ nurse-thanking message postings on THE NURSES WALL during the May 12th International Nurses Day celebration, I need attention-getting sources with large social media followings. Taylor and Travis have both. They’re also influential, can-do people with integrity and a proven history for overcoming difficult challenges.”

Amidst murmurs of disbelief and delusion at the notion of THE NURSES WALL garnering a billion+ nurse tribute messages, Nye remains resolute, drawing on her storied history of overcoming daunting challenges.

People who know Nye say, “Expect Pam to approach this challenge like she’s been doing since her dad’s death when she was five, growing up in a small Iowa town, and throughout her acclaimed nursing career. She does it by improvising, adapting, and overcoming obstacles.” A source close to Nye compares her to Yoda, the Star Wars Jedi character, explaining Pam’s achievement mindset is “Do or do not. There is no try” as evidenced by adapting and her “Do” is using global press releases to overcome being ignored and getting ‘no pay/no play’ responses from agents, managers and PR contacts.”

When Nye was asked, “From the above companies and people you identified, which ones do you intend to invite?” Nye said, “All of them!”

“One more thing,” Nye adds. “Posting a nurse-thanking message is free and takes only a few minutes. Yet the world’s nurse population perceives these messages as priceless. So, who or why would anyone say ‘No’? Seriously!”

For more information about Nye’s work, achievements and personal history, click this link, visit the Operation Scrubs website at, and Google search “Pamela Jane Nye Nurse.”

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