Aedan [safe] mobile security application relaunched by Turnkey Capital OTCPK:TKCI

The world’s first Mobile security powered by artificial intelligence

Eric Fitzgerald, Chief Scientist

Turnkey Capital (OTCPK:TKCI), today announced the Company’s plans to relaunch its new, simplified Aedan [safe] mobile security application

Turnkey Capital (OTCMKTS:TKCI)

Everything has a vulnerability and nothing is unhackable. Even our Aedan Adaptive Intelligence is aware of that.”

— Chief Scientist Eric Fitzgerald

LAS VEGAS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 20, 2023/ — Aedan [safe] was the world’s first mobile security application powered by artificial intelligence. Aedan detects known and unknown threats, Rogue towers, and prevents application hijacking,  to provide privacy, security and optimal performance to one’s digital lifestyle. 

“The existing Android based  Aedan [safe] Artificial Intelligence mobile app will be updated and deployed on Apple iOS and Windows Operating Systems. An advanced version of Aedan is currently under development using our cloud-based Adaptive Intelligence engine.”

“New features will be compatible with the current version of Aedan [safe] to accommodate all platforms including smart home IoT devices, aircrafts and automobiles.”

Turnkey Capital acquired over one hundred thousand users after the new release of Aedan [safe] on the Google Play Store beta was deployed August 4th. 

” Current security software available on Android and Apple devices only offer Virtual Private Networks and or Virus Scanners which aren’t identifying unknown threats like polymorphic malware nor preventing sophisticated attacks such as arbitrarily code injection over NFC and Bluetooth as demonstrated at Defcon this year.”

“Apple devices are not Private, they never were. Since the DRM sandboxing on Apple that prevented large security companies from building out security to identify,  remove, and prevent malicious activity from the user’s devices.  In Fact it only helps cyber attackers and criminals get away easier as explained at both BlackHat and Defcon in Las Vegas. “

“Android devices take a level of sophistication to secure and the market of security applications is a large presence for it worldwide.  The level of security still doesn’t meet the demand and risks for privacy,  security,  and performance. “

“Adaptive Intelligence will be used to keep the application more efficient in real-time and adapt to the user’s security and privacy needs. We have been working on this type of computation Intelligence for several years so updating an application wouldn’t be necessary in the future.  It will simply adapt and update itself.  This new approach isn’t a predictive algorithm like the previous version.”

Market Analysis 

Android takes up 70.79% of the Mobile Device Market which Aedan is installed on over 24 million devices worldwide from 3rd party Android app distributors. 

Android 70.79% 

Apple IOS 28.44%

Windows 0.02%

Samsung 0.38%

LinuxOS 0.27%

Source by Statista

Android exceed 2.5 Billion users worldwide as of 2023

Apple iOS exceeds 1.46 Billion users worldwide as of 2023 

Source by Tech Jury 

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