AI tutor ‘Kodie’ provides 6.2M ‘code helps’ in world’s most popular learn-to-code app with 30M+ learners

Sololearn Debuts AI Copilot to Support the Learn-to-Code Experience

With real-time help, learners will always know why and how to improve their code and keep moving forward.”

— Yeva Hyusyan, Co-founder and CEO, Sololearn

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 9, 2023/ — Sololearn, the world’s most popular learn-to-code app with more than 30 million registrations, announces the release of Kodie, a generative AI coding partner available in the Sololearn app to support learners with a custom, collaborative experience.

Kodie, using OpenAI’s ChatGPT platform, is a coding partner and tech mentor that can find and fix bugs, write programs, explain or document what a piece of code does, and answer questions.

“Sololearn is committed to continually improving the online learning experience and Kodie represents a powerful new tool. With real-time help, learners will always know why and how to improve their code and keep moving forward,” said Yeva Hyusyan, Co-founder and CEO, Sololearn. “We are excited to be at the forefront of this educational revolution, and I can’t wait to see the impact Kodie will have on our collective learning community and the lives it will change.”

Kodie helps keep learners engaged and on track to achieve their goals. While some people learning to code get discouraged by nonsensical “compile errors,” Kodie automatically translates unreadable error code, detailing exactly what happened in easy-to-understand language for first-time coders.

Kodie offers a variety of practice problems, in which learners are given a specific task to complete, in addition to a code playground in which learners can put their lessons into practice with focused projects.

Since its launch, Kodie has provided more than 6.2 million code helps to 200,000 learners. Kodie is supported on iOS, Web, and in all programming languages taught on Sololearn.

Sololearn’s AI copilot will continue to evolve and improve as it gets to know learners, providing more robust personalization with content that is specific to their needs, capabilities, and learning pace. Kodie will become a full-scale AI tutor, helping learners not only when they request help, but also by proactively analyzing behavior and jumping in to provide assistance. By producing vast amounts of content with the help of AI, the Sololearn curriculum team can spend more resources developing new learning paths and improving teaching.

“Kodie will give learners an even greater sense of having a coding partner to coach and support them while they learn,” said Hyusyan. “We are working toward a vision of full personalization, in which each learner has a copilot that truly understands and supports their learning style and needs. As Kodie continues to learn and improve, it will help explain mistakes, provide additional code samples, and share additional solutions with learners. Put simply, it will be as good as a human tutor.”

Founded in the United States, Sololearn has expanded globally with offices in Armenia and Europe.

About Sololearn
Sololearn is on a mission to build the most fun, accessible, and effective technical learning experience worldwide to help people learn the most in-demand skills and stay relevant in an ever-evolving world. With its AI-powered project-based learning and a vibrant community of tens of millions of learners in over 190 countries, Sololearn delivers a personalized daily learning experience customized to individuals’ goals, pace, preferences, and skill-level. For more information, visit Download Sololearn: Apple App Store / Google Play.

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