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A recent study has identified Alabama as the most pitbull-friendly state in the USA, based on an analysis of online search habits

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATE, June 11, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pitbulls, known for their loyalty and affection, have a significant fan base across the United States. A recent study has identified Alabama as the most pitbull-friendly state in the USA, based on an analysis of online search habits for the three recognized pitbull breeds: Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and American Pit Bull Terrier.

Using data from Google Keyword Planner, the study examined the total search volumes for these breeds and calculated a ranking index to determine the states most interested in pitbulls.

Alabama: The Pitbull Capital of the USA

With a ranking index of 1.65, Alabama emerges as the most pitbull-friendly state in the USA. Residents of Alabama are actively seeking information and services related to pitbull breeds, indicating a strong interest and affection for these loyal dogs. Whether it’s searching for breeders, training tips, or health care, Alabamians show a notable dedication to pitbulls.

South Carolina and Oklahoma Follow Closely

South Carolina, with a ranking index of 1.66, and Oklahoma, with an index of 1.61, take the second and third spots, respectively. Both states exhibit a significant engagement with pitbull-related searches, reflecting communities that value and support these breeds. The high search volumes suggest a strong pitbull presence in these states, with residents eager to learn more about their care and well-being.

Other Noteworthy States

West Virginia (1.46): Known for its picturesque landscapes, West Virginia also boasts a significant pitbull-friendly population.
Michigan (1.37): This state shows a strong affinity for pitbulls, ranking high in our index.
Florida (1.34) and New Hampshire (1.34): Both states exhibit considerable interest in pitbull-related searches, indicating a broad appreciation for these breeds.
Ohio (1.31) and Texas (1.31): These large states show a significant engagement with pitbull topics, reflecting the widespread affection for pitbulls.
The Least Pitbull-Friendly States

On the other end of the spectrum, some states show a significantly lower interest in pitbull-related searches. The three least pitbull-friendly states in the USA are:

District of Columbia (0.35): With the lowest ranking index, residents in the nation’s capital seem to have the least interest in pitbull breeds.
Virgin Islands (0.43): This territory also shows a low engagement with pitbull searches.
Puerto Rico (0.58): Puerto Rico ranks slightly higher but still remains among the least pitbull-friendly states in the USA.
What Drives Pitbull Friendliness?

Several factors contribute to a state’s pitbull friendliness. Cultural influences, the presence of pitbull advocacy groups, accessibility to pet services, and local laws regarding pitbull ownership all play a role. States like Alabama and South Carolina might have strong pitbull communities and supportive environments that encourage pitbull ownership and care.


The study utilized data from Google Keyword Planner to analyze search volumes for the three recognized pitbull breeds across various states in the USA. By normalizing the data based on the online population of each state, the study calculated a ranking index to determine the relative intensity of interest in pitbull topics. This methodology ensured accurate and reliable findings, offering valuable insights into the pitbull preferences and behaviors of US residents.


The study sheds light on the states leading the charge in pitbull friendliness in the USA. From Alabama to Michigan, these states are setting trends and redefining pitbull advocacy and care. Whether you’re a pitbull enthusiast or a casual dog lover, these insights offer a glimpse into the dynamic world of pitbulls across the USA.

As the pet industry continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see how these trends develop. One thing is clear: America’s passion for pitbulls is unwavering, and these states are at the heart of it.

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