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The demand to open a second location in Los Angeles came to us very organically and was driven by the growing demand of high-quality As-Built services in the area”

— Alex Kulchytsky, the Head of VDC Services at Alterpex

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Alterpex, a leading provider of as-built services and architectural drafting, announces the opening of the new office in Los Angeles, now being able to cover all over California faster than ever.

“The demand to open a second location in Los Angeles came to us very organically and was driven by the growing demand of high-quality As-Built services in the area,” – mentions Alex Kulchytsky, the Head of VDC Services at Alterpex. “We made friends with architects who wanted to use our services more often and observed a higher demand in 3D modeling for higher-end approach to construction and design. We are open to build more connections with the local community of architects, contractors, engineers, creative homeowners, and designers.”

Alterpex new office in Los Angeles will offer the same comprehensive suite of VDC services and tailored approach to each client, as in San Francisco. However, with the expansion of the team, the company now can cover wider geographical areas, making quality services closer to all fellow Californians.

One of the key advantages Alterpex brings to the table is cutting-edge technology. Using the best equipment and software in the industry, Alterpex ensures that every client gets a useful delivery that meets and exceeds expectations. The company takes pride in staying up to date with technology and providing a variety of scanning equipment choices depending on project’s needs, specifications, and sizes. Additionally, Alterpex offers easy scheduling and a convenient project price calculator on their website.

“We are happy and excited to bring our expertise and dedication to quality to the vibrant city of Los Angeles” – Alex added. “I will personally lead the operations in the new office to ensure that we continue providing the best quality plans to our clients. I can’t wait to explore the great and diverse architecture of the city and the suburbs. Our office is in the heart of downtown, and we are ready to get anywhere in California and beyond.”

According to recent estimates, there are tens of thousands of buildings in the Greater Los Angeles area that could benefit from renovation or improvement initiatives. From updating aging infrastructure to implementing sustainable design solutions, the demand for architectural services in the region is both substantial and varied. Additionally, the pace of changing and growing businesses adds another need for an innovative and flexible approach that Alterpex handles proactively. Alterpex offloads the heaviness of project preparation from the shoulders of project leads, architects, and engineers, providing all the resources and details for a successful project, while the leads can stay focused on their priorities.

Establishing a local presence, Alterpex is committed to empower and contribute to the efficiency of construction and design projects in the Greater Los Angeles area, while leveraging the opportunity to be a part of shaping the architecture and the landscape of the area.

About Alterpex:
Alterpex is a leading provider of As-Built services and architectural drafting services, specializing in high-quality plans and tailored approach to the clients. With a commitments to accuracy and cutting-edge technology, Alterpex delivers precise and comprehensive plans to all types of clients across California.

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