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Dive into the OpenExO Experience We share a transformative journey of innovation and collaboration created by the OpenExO Community.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 24, 2023/ — In a world where disruption and innovation are the cornerstones of progress, learning plays an important role, and when it’s combined with gamification, it bears major fruits.

The OpenExO Experience has been created to give the OpenExO community members access to a wide range of resources about the ExO approach to business, tools, and interactive quests that challenge thinking, ignite creativity, and inspire people to push boundaries.

Born from the previous “The Exponential Curve – Gamified 30-Doubling Challenge“, the first season of the Experience (October 2022 – April 2023) involved a part of the community (about 240 players), who, over several months, completed challenges, connected, and played games.

It’s fair enough to say that the Experience became a point of entrance even for people far from ideas about exponential organizations who then joined the OpenExO community.

The current version of the OpenExO Experience is the 3rd iteration of this gamified experiment, which has already onboarded more than 400 active players during the first two months. These players don’t just “play”, they continuously collaborate with the development team of ExO Angels and help to improve the game itself. That’s why one of the previous game’s names was the “OpenExO community game”.

OpenExO & Octalysis frameworks for creating an engaging learning experience

At the core of the OpenExO Experience’s mission is the integration of Yu-kai Chou’s renowned Octalysis framework and the OpenExO exponential attributes. Our goal is to cultivate compelling learning experiences that nurture the growth of an exponential mindset, benefiting personal and professional development.

Harnessing the Octalysis framework taps into intrinsic motivation, game mechanics, and behavioral psychology to enhance engagement and motivation within education. This integration is pivotal, shaping a dynamic and captivating educational experience.

By leveraging the Octalysis framework’s power, we’ve meticulously crafted an immersive learning journey. It harmonizes the eight core drivers of human motivation, seamlessly incorporating functionalities tailored to enrich engagement and participation.

The OpenExO Experience features an interactive course structure for active learning and a resource-rich community library for curiosity. An engaging raffle system adds excitement, while a comprehensive badge system rewards achievements and stimulates growth. A vibrant leaderboard fosters friendly competition, and direct messaging facilitates peer interactions. These elements, blended via Octalysis, create an educational environment imparting knowledge and nurturing a sense of belonging, achievement, and progress, reshaping learning perception in an interconnected world.

At its heart, the OpenExO Experience draws inspiration from Exponential Organization principles. This innovative game embodies core attributes: Experimentation, Innovation, and Community & Crowd attributes. We’ve seamlessly woven these principles to create an immersive experience reflecting the spirit of exponential organizations, inviting participants to engage directly.

As players navigate the game, fearless experimentation cultivates continuous improvement. Innovation encourages creative thinking, and emphasizing Community & Crowd underscores collaboration. Dashboards enhance decision-making with real-time data insights, reflecting the data-driven ethos of exponential organizations.

In essence, the OpenExO Experience showcases exponential thinking’s potential to transform industries and mindsets, offering an immersive and enlightening gameplay journey.

The development team behind OpenExO Experience

The project was developed in a tight and continuous collaboration between the Learning team inside OpenExO (Jaroslav Dokoupil, Anastasia Adamova, Gillian Robb) and the ExO Angels engagement group (Niki Faldemolaei, Fabrizio Gramuglio, Sasha Sadovnikova, Katrina Montinola, Stefano Benatti, Debora Barg, Michael Friebe, Pam Jefferies), an Edge organization capable of delivering innovative processes through gamification and the Staff-on-Demand approach. ExO Angels has deep ties to solving global challenges and supports multiple experimentation and Edge projects in the health field (MyBodyTune, Extended Healthspan Index, AI Wellness, ExO Skeleton) in the Academy area (ExOnomy, Youth Education, SAAS Content, Int’l Language Academy, and more).

In the gamification area, ExO Angels managed different experimentation models and built teams so partners and any other sister communities that are interested in collaborating with exponential mindsets are cooperating in this experience to test out theories of strategic social games to build engagement. The birth mother to all of this is the 30 doubling challenge we did two years back-to-back and found that we over 10X’d engagement across a dozen metrics and that gamification is a wonderful way to grow a community and make it cohesive attaching it to the EXOS utility token to provide the groundwork for building out a decentralized or distributed autonomous organization.

Starting from May 2023, the project followed a continuous experimentation methodology to deliver a unique and engaging learning experience. Since its beta period, the OpenExO Experience was able to leverage users’ feedback to release weekly updates and improvements.

This approach has been pushed forward with the release of two key community-oriented features: the roadmap and the bug report. The Roadmap offers to the community the opportunity to design the evolutionary roadmap of the product through idea sharing, comments, feedback and votes. At the same time, bugs-reports became public to allow community members to have a clear sense of progress and caring.

OpenExO Experience: a community-oriented learning environment

The OpenExO Experience is a community oriented learning environment that allows participants to explore OpenExO resources: books, feeds, circles, events, social media, meetups and more.

The project adopts gamification techniques to transform traditional learning materials into interactive and immersive experiences. Learners are empowered to take control of their educational journey by completing quests, earning rewards, and progressing through their learning paths.

The OpenExO Experience can be portrayed as the Duolingo for the Exponential Organization: with an articulated structure of stages, levels and quests, where the main purpose is to guide community members toward understanding, applying and sharing exponential technologies and methodologies.

For its 3rd reason, the set of quests was designed through 4 main attributes: Learn, Community, Apply & Share which represent the four main cornerstones of our community members’ development within the OpenExO Experience. Learn obviously refers to the activities of reading, studying and deepening the issues of exponential organizations: from technologies to business models.

Activities distinguished by the Community attribute are activities designed to connect and create bonds between different members, bringing them together in awakening sessions, through events or in face-to-face meetings.

Under the Apply attribute are all those activities that relate to the player’s experience in applying previously learned material, his personal experiences, success stories, and experiments launched. The Apply section is the one that generates shareable content usable by the whole community and the one that allows other members to learn from the shared experiences.

Finally, Share represents the moment of sharing one’s achievements, the moment when the player is asked to come out of the community and show their skills to their network and the world. Share includes coaching sessions, event creation, further experimentation and more.

EXOS: the EXO tokens

EXOS tokens are a type of digital currency used inside & outside the OpenExO Experience .

These tokens can be earned by players for their participation and performance within the game, and they can be used to purchase various rewards and privileges.

EXOS tokens are an important aspect as they provide incentives, rewards, and privileges for players who perform well within the game.

These tokens can be also used on the OpenExO platform to pay for services provided by community members in the marketplace, for ExO courses and traded in a peer-to-peer marketplace for other tokens, rewards and NFTs.

In 6 months of the first season of the OpenExO Experience, 85,371 EXOS were distributed via challenges, questions, raffle and leaderboard rewards.

We sent 1.3 million EXOS via 30-Doublings and over 5 million through the ExO Economy Community-approved Experiments.

AI at the service of players

OpenExO Experience includes multiple features under the typical learning experience hat.

First, the integration of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine that can provide real-time feedback and evaluation of user responses is a key tool for the learning process.

Indeed, the current integration allows users to measure the effectiveness of their responses during the learning process and receive evaluation, feedback, and suggestions before submitting the final response.

Not only has this approach allowed us to speed up the validation of articulate responses by users, but it has also enabled users to receive precise and relevant advice on how to further explore a particular concept or lesson.

Learning by peers: the Library

Behold an emblem of innovation, as we introduce a fresh facet in our domain – a tribute to communal synergy and collective creation. Among the stars of our novel constellation shines the “Library” feature, where the tapestry of community-generated content unfolds. Within these limitless pages, discover the path to insights, engage in dialogue, and gather wisdom from kindred spirits.

Here, community isn’t just a word, but an unwavering anthem. It infuses life into a dawn of shared experiences. Rooted in the concept of “we,” this venture births an added layer of profound interconnectedness. Each contribution becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of shared knowledge in this sanctuary where perspectives blend, weaving transparency at the core of unity.

This bold endeavor, fueled by collective ingenuity, finds amplification in softcore currency rewards’ harmonious dance. More than points, these tokens catalyze connections, weaving hearts and minds through feedback loops. Threads of collaboration intertwine, birthing an organism where learning is both journey and destination, curiosity ignites, and the pursuit of knowledge becomes the rhythmic pulse uniting us all.

The end game experience: Boss Arena

There is no game without an end-game, that is, a moment when players confront the “Uber-Boss” which typically represents the sum of all their abilities, fears, powers, knowledge and more. And in our Experience, too, there could be no lack of confrontation, the “”Uber-Boss”, but in our case it is represented by the Company’s Immune System.

The company’s immune system functions as the set of organizational processes, behaviors, and attitudes that support or resist innovative initiatives within a company. Like a biological immune system, it reacts to innovations with a range of responses. When faced with new ideas, it may manifest antibodies that resist change because of comfort with the status quo, fear of disruption, or a desire to maintain existing structures.

However, in receptive environments, the Corporate Immune System promotes antibodies that foster innovation by embracing new concepts, encouraging experimentation and adapting quickly to changing market demands. Its effectiveness in managing these reactions plays a key role in determining an organization’s agility, adaptability and ability to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

Embarking on an epic journey, our players are poised to face a formidable adversary: the very essence of the company’s immune system. This confrontation becomes a crucible for self-assessment and intellectual valor, a grand challenge where knowledge reigns supreme and authenticity is tested – all under the watchful gaze of an ever-discerning AI. Within this trial, they shall be presented with an array of profound questions, their responses bound by the relentless cadence of time. For in the face of doubt and trepidation, when knowledge contends with uncertainty, a rare opportunity unfurls – to not merely answer, but to rise above, to triumph.

Those who dare to stand, armed with superior insights that surpass the boundaries of doubt, shall weaken the resolute presence of the enigmatic Boss. But heed this: the battle’s crescendo requires unity. A solitary victor would be a mere passage in this chronicle; instead, it is the collective symphony of minds, the harmonious convergence of community, that shall etch the legacy. The arena stands agape, beckoning all players to converge, to unite their strengths, and forge an alliance against the very embodiment of the corporate tempest. In this confluence of minds, victory awaits, and the mantle of triumph shall be worn not by one, but by the many who dared to face the challenge, transcended the odds, and sculpted destiny itself.

There is no game without prizes and trophies

In this captivating journey, our vibrant community comes alive as members embark on a path to earn coveted badges, Experience Points (XP), EXOS, and NFTs.

Experience Points (XP) are the foundation of recognition, reflecting dedication and engagement. They stand as rewards for quests undertaken, interactions that illuminate our community, and moments of brilliance that shape our shared story.

Badges, gleaming symbols of accomplishment, await conquest. Each badge marks a milestone, an unlocked objective. Beyond personal victories, they become beacons of inspiration, shared on social platforms to foster connections and celebrate collective progress.

As the game unfolds, EXOS emerges as a sought-after treasure, earned by the dedicated. Awarded to top players monthly, EXOS becomes a prized possession, motivating participants to climb the leaderboard and secure their place in the annals of victory.

At the pinnacle stand NFTs – rare, esteemed, and exclusive. Reserved for the best, they exemplify mastery and innovation. Elite players in each tier, conquerors of grand challenges, receive these digital tokens, showcasing remarkable achievements as luminous as the stars in our virtual cosmos.

OpenExO Experience by numbers

OpenExO Experience is currently played by 437 community members, who in around 2 months submitted more than 1300 quests, with a total of 16K interactions and more than 150.000 minutes played, this data also generated an impressive feedback loop and engagement in the discord community. Users moved through different levels at a speed of around 4 quests per week. Pretty impressive?! Especially if you consider that our top engaged players push these data to 7 quests per week (or even less in terms of time).

The current statistics, built on the top of the game and representing the most used “desired actions”, shows that the community preferences are towards social & creative challenges, and the most loved one is the Raffle with an impressive spinning rate (790 times so far).

OpenExO and ExO Angels are excited to pioneer a new era of educational engagement through the convergence of gamification and exponential organizations. This project represents our commitment to innovation and transformation in the education landscape.

The gamified educational project fosters collaborative learning communities, enabling learners to connect, share insights, and engage in group challenges. By promoting peer-to-peer interaction, learners can tap into collective knowledge and leverage social dynamics for a richer learning experience.
Overall, the OpenExO Experience as a gamified experiment brought us some important findings. For example, it empowers creativity and strategies by allowing players to develop and diversify their game strategies – using the right cards at the right time can completely change the outcome of the game.
Combination of learning and creativity still receives positive feedback: players think that learning and creating together is beautiful and much easier. It’s nice to see how different backgrounds from around the world can come together and interact to create and solve problems.
It also helps us Iterate and adapt gamified learning experiences over time. We analyze user data to see what’s working and what’s not, and use that information to make changes and improvements.
And, of course, gamification can be a powerful tool for building communities and fostering social connections. Encourage users to share their progress, compete with others, and collaborate on tasks to help build a sense of community and increase engagement.

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