Revolta, multiplayer VR PvP shooter


Revolta, multiplayer VR PvP shooter



ANVIO’s popular VR PvP game, Revolta, has been adapted to a large-scale format which can be integrated into various LBE venues – more players, more action.

PvP content is something that we’ve recently focused on because with it, you have a higher degree of replayability.”

— Dennis Voronin

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, November 15, 2023 / — ANVIO VR, a fast-growing location-based VR operator and content developer, proudly announces the release of an updated version of its popular game, Revolta.

Revolta is a multiplayer VR PvP shooter where players can battle it out against each other in a range of diverse settings and game modes. The game is available for ANVIO’s fixed game zone formats – 17×17, 33×33 and 33×66 ft. With the introduction of ANVIO’s scalable game zones, Revolta can also be adapted and played in spaces from 170 to 4,300 sq ft.

The new Revolta is capable of accommodating up to 12 players simultaneously and includes two game modes (team deathmatch and counter-strike), five types of weapons, six unique gaming levels, and 14 character skins. This rich variety and engaging content generates the potential for repeated plays.

Dennis Voronin, International Sales and Partnership Manager at ANVIO, explains: “Player versus player content is something that we’ve recently focused on because with it, you have a higher degree of replayability. For example, you’ve played once, lost to your friends, and want to play again. People, by nature, are very competitive. This is why we, in recent years, have placed a focus on PvP.”

The new Revolta allows for co-existence with traditional laser tag venues, offering business owners the opportunity to diversify the range of gameplay for their customers. The game’s advantage lies in its flexibility to be set up in various locations, including existing laser tag arenas. As a complement to the competitive nature of laser tag, virtual reality comes with a high degree of immersion, limitless gameplay possibilities and enhanced visuals and effects.

Revolta gameplay images available HERE.

The world of immersive gaming has undergone a revolutionary transformation in recent years, providing diverse options to captivate players in exhilarating gaming experiences. Leading the field are established laser tag venues and more recently VR arenas. But does it need to be a scenario of one versus the other? The simple answer is ‘no.’

Laser tag relies on physical interactions in specially designed arenas, while free-roam VR encapsulates the power of VR to transport players into fantastical digital realms. Both formats offer great thrills and interactive excitement to players, but if there is any difference, it has to be the physical/opponent evasive/hunter aspect of laser tag versus the highly immersive/physical and more expansive game of VR arenas.

While laser tag equipment primarily focuses on laser guns, vests, and arena setups, VR arena equipment revolves around VR headsets, motion tracking systems, controllers, and gaming hardware. The virtual reality experience of a VR arena allows players to step into immersive digital worlds, while laser tag equipment facilitates physical gameplay within a specially designed arena.

At first glance, laser tag and VR gaming may seem distinct but rather than viewing them as competitors, these two formats can coexist synergistically, enriching the overall gaming landscape. Laser tag venues, with their established infrastructure, can easily integrate VR elements, providing players with a diverse range of experiences, combining the adrenaline-pumping, interactive nature of laser tag with the immersive, limitless possibilities of VR.

With minimal restoration and set up costs, existing, sizeable laser tag venues can add VR arenas offering a more immersive, versatile, and visually engaging gaming experience. The ability to create and interact with virtual environments opens up new possibilities and ensures that players can enjoy a wide variety of gameplay options in a safe and convenient manner.

ANVIO VR gives meticulous attention to every detail, accounting for obstacles and pillars within the game zone to ensure simple integration to the space and maintaining safe gameplay for the players. All this can be achieved with minimal equipment – a computer, up to 12 VR headsets, and two WiFi routers.

About ANVIO:
ANVIO is a fast-growing location-based VR operator and free-roam VR content developer. The company has been in the VR entertainment market since 2016, expanding globally, with over 30 locations in 11 countries and hosting over 20,000 players monthly. Currently, ANVIO’s game library includes 9 games catering to diverse customer categories.

ANVIO is a proven turn-key solution for a location-based virtual reality business with a straightforward launch process. Offering low investment, an easy setup process, and professional 24/7 technical support, ANVIO VR’s solution combines many advantages at all stages of business development.

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