Arka Energy Unveils ARKA 360, The Next Generation Solar Business Operations Platform



ARKA 360 Dashboard

ARKA 360 Dashboard

ARKA 360 Proposal Design Studio

ARKA 360 Proposal Design Studio

Arka Energy unveils its enterprise-grade lead-to-life business operating platform, ARKA 360.

ARKA 360 offers solar installers an unparalleled opportunity to reduce operating costs & improve profitability. For years installers have been looking for an end-to-end platform. It’s finally here.”

— Rajesh Manapat, COO, Arka Energy

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2023/ — ARKA ENERGY INC, a global solar technology provider, is thrilled to announce the addition of energy storage simulations to its enterprise-grade business operations platform, ARKA 360. Representing a significant milestone in the solar industry, ARKA 360 redefines the customer journey from proposal design to installation, empowering thousands of solar installers globally with advanced automation capabilities, integrated services, and streamlined permitting processes. ARKA 360, a software & services platform, expedites solar project turnaround, reduces costs, and capitalizes on untapped opportunities, driving the industry toward an era of unparalleled sustainability and success.

The ARKA 360 platform has been bolstered with various groundbreaking features and enhancements. With these capabilities, solar installers can seamlessly create impeccable solar proposals and plan documents for residential and commercial customers while streamlining lead management and customer communication.

One of the key highlights of ARKA 360 is its CRM platform, a powerful tool that enables installers to nurture prospects seamlessly across multiple channels. With AI-driven insights, sales teams can engage with potential clients more efficiently, leading to faster deal closures and increased conversion rates.

The platform’s intuitive self-serve design studio is another standout feature, setting a new standard for design efficiency in the solar industry. Empowering installers with a user-friendly interface, this studio enables the creation of stunning, high-conversion solar proposal and design in minutes.

Furthermore, ARKA 360 includes an automated project management system streamlining routine tasks, freeing up valuable time and resources for solar companies. This automation significantly improves productivity and collaboration, allowing teams to focus on strategic initiatives rather than getting bogged down in administrative details.

By integrating an intuitive smart documentation interface, the platform enables installers to collect signatures and payments effortlessly, eliminating unnecessary delays and streamlining financial processes. This streamlined approach enhances customer satisfaction and expedites revenue generation, fostering accelerated business growth.

In a remarkable leap towards efficiency, ARKA 360 incorporates permit automation, revolutionizing the process of ordering permit plans and PE stamping. The platform’s state-of-the-art automation capabilities enable solar installers to request these vital documents seamlessly, reducing delivery times to just a few hours.

ARKA 360’s unique financing marketplace feature streamlines and automates various steps in the financing process, enabling installers to save valuable time while offering a diverse range of financing options to clients. With enhanced flexibility, lower fees, and faster transaction processing, solar installers can confidently close better deals, expanding their customer base and solidifying their position in the market.

“ARKA 360’s CRM is easy to use and practical for us as a solar company, and we love the level of detail we can get into while designing and customizing energy storage systems,” said Jim Wilber, Co-Owner at Green Muscle Solar.

“I have been ordering permit plan sets from Arka for the past several months. The team of designers has been great to work with. They always respond to my inquiries, questions, and changes promptly and accurately. They email me or call me on the phone directly with questions and clarifications, and I get to work with the same designers time after time, making the entire experience more reliable and personal. I am very pleased with my Arka experience, and I will continue to use Arka in the future,” said Jane from JCO Solar, Louisiana.

“In the wake of ever-increasing direct and in-direct soft costs related to solar projects, and businesses having no option other than to manage different archaic systems, installers are looking for an end-to-end platform powered by automation to reduce their costs and improve profitability,” said Siddharth Gangal, GM, Arka Energy. “We are delighted to present ARKA 360 to the US market, providing solar companies with a state-of-the-art platform that elevates their solar design experience. By consolidating essential functions onto one platform, ARKA 360 enables businesses to achieve unrivaled operational efficiency, positioning them for unparalleled growth and success.”

“The emergence of ARKA 360 ushers in a new era for solar installers, providing them with the definitive solution to navigate the evolving solar landscape with ease,” said Rajagopalan G.K., CTO of Arka Energy. “As the industry embraces this revolutionary platform, the vision of ARKA 360 becoming the “default business operations platform for everyone” becomes an exciting reality, offering solar businesses a transformative and streamlined approach to manage their entire operations seamlessly on a singular, cutting-edge platform.”

“ARKA 360 holds the potential to revolutionize the solar industry, offering installers an unparalleled opportunity to reduce operating costs and elevate profitability,” stated Rajesh Manapat, COO of Arka Energy. “The platform’s cutting-edge Permit Automation feature provides installers with seamless access to order permit plans and PE stamping, expediting the process with remarkable efficiency. The ability to effortlessly access essential permits and stamps enhance overall operational efficiency, allowing installers to focus on strategic initiatives, seize growth opportunities, and optimize profitability.”

Arka Energy has already shared these groundbreaking product updates with its valued VIP Partners, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Solar companies nationwide are embracing ARKA 360 as the game-changing solution for their solar design and business operating needs.

Solar Installers in the United States can subscribe to ARKA 360 platform starting today, with a promotional offer of a 3-month free extension ending on August 31, 2023. The new ARKA 360 platform will be displayed for the first time at the RE+ 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sep 11-14, 2023.

About Arka Energy: Arka Energy Inc. is a leading provider of advanced software solutions for the solar industry, empowering solar companies with the tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive market. The ARKA 360 platform is designed to streamline solar design, proposal generation, lead management, and customer communication, simplifying the entire sales and installation process.

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