Asia Pacific Welcomes Luxx Store: A Haven for Beauty and Haircare

Luxx Store's grand opening at Siam Discovery brings revolutionary beauty products like Luxx Air Pro™ 2

Luxx Store’s Thailand Debut Sets the Stage for a Remarkable Asia Pacific Journey

With Luxx Store's grand entrance in Thailand, the Asia Pacific market faces a new era of competition.

Luxx Store’s introduction in Thailand has set a precedent for the Asia Pacific market.

In the Asia Pacific, Luxx Store is greeted with excitement as a haven for beauty and haircare needs.

Luxx Store, a beauty and haircare haven, is warmly embraced in the Asia Pacific

LUXX unveils flagship store at Siam Discovery, offering an Innovative range of beauty products. Explore Luxx Air Pro™ 2 changing the beauty industry.

Our mission is to provide customers with innovative solutions that enhance their beauty routines and empower them to achieve their desired looks effortlessly.”

— CEO of Luxx.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFONIA, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2023/ — Luxx Store, a leading brand in the beauty and haircare industry, is delighted to announce the grand opening of its first flagship store in Asia Pacific at Siam Discovery in the heart of the vibrant Asia Pacific, Thailand.

With an impressive lineup of revolutionary products, including the Luxx Air Pro™ 2 hair dryer, Stamp Eyeliner, and Lashcara Pro Kit, Luxx Store aims to revolutionize the beauty industry and provide a haven for beauty enthusiasts in the area.

Having experienced remarkable success in North America, Luxx Store has garnered a loyal customer base and achieved recognition for its innovative and high-quality beauty and haircare products.

Now, Luxx Store is excited to extend its reach to the bustling Asia Beauty Market, offering a wide range of cutting-edge beauty solutions that cater to customers’ diverse needs and preferences.

Located in Siam Discovery, one of the premier shopping destinations in the region, Luxx Store’s new flagship location will provide an immersive and personalized shopping experience for beauty enthusiasts.

Luxx Store’s product offerings include the Luxx Air Pro™ 2 air wrap, a hair styling game-changer. This innovative device utilizes advanced technology to effortlessly create salon-quality curls, waves, and straight styles, providing users with a professional look from the comfort of their homes.

In addition, Luxx Store is thrilled to introduce Stamp Eyeliner, a revolutionary product designed to make applying eyeliner easier and more effective. This unique eyeliner combines the convenience of a stamp and eraser in one, allowing users to effortlessly create flawless and symmetrical wings with minimal effort without hassle.

The Lashcara Pro Kit, another standout product from Luxx Store, has gained significant popularity in North America for its innovative approach to lash extensions.

“We are thrilled to open Luxx Store’s flagship location at Siam Discovery in Bangkok,” said the CEO of Luxx “Our mission is to provide customers with innovative solutions that enhance their beauty routines and empower them to achieve their desired looks effortlessly. We are confident that our products and exceptional service will resonate with beauty enthusiasts in this vibrant market. We look forward to becoming their go-to destination for all their beauty and haircare needs.”

With the opening of the Luxx Store at Siam Discovery, beauty enthusiasts in the Asia Pacific region can now experience the transformative power of the Luxx Air Pro™ 2 hair styling tools, Stamp Eyeliner, and Lashcara Pro Kit firsthand. Luxx Store’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction sets it apart in the beauty industry, making it a trusted brand for beauty and haircare solutions.

For more information about the Luxx Store and its range of products, please visit or visit the Luxx Store flagship store at Siam Discovery.

About Luxx Store:
Luxx envisions a world where beauty is accessible and effortless, and they strive to bring this vision to life through their innovative, sustainable technology and unwavering commitment to meeting women’s wants and needs. Every product they create is infused with exquisite heartfelt craftsmanship, seamlessly blending into daily life.

In 2021, Luxx made a groundbreaking entrance into the global beauty market by introducing Luxx Air Pro™, a hairstyling set meticulously designed to cater to everyday styling essentials. To celebrate this milestone, they unveiled a limited edition version with a sophisticated pitch-black design that symbolizes the strength and confidence of women.

Continuing their mission of beauty innovation, Luxx introduced Liner Pro, a revolutionary eyeliner powered by their patented “Stress-Free Eyeliner” technology. This remarkable creation caters to beginners and professionals, prioritizing vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic qualities. Building on the success of Liner Pro, Luxx then launched Lashcara Pro, reimagining lash extensions as an effortless experience.

Luxx fully embraced its philosophy of uniting beauty with innovation and women’s empowerment, which led to the release of Luxx Air Pro™ 2. More than 1,000 Luxx Air Pro™ 2 units were sold within an hour of its unveiling, demonstrating its vast popularity and demand. This extraordinary achievement reinforced Luxx’s commitment to empowering women and adding value to anyone who owns their products during this triumphant era.

The same year, Luxx unveiled the Luxx Air Pro™ 2 Secrecy Black and Amethyst editions, representing female strength and confidence. These variants aimed to empower women further and elevate the ownership experience. Additionally, Luxx introduced the New Lite version, featuring compact and travel-friendly functionalities to ensure convenience wherever you go.

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