Adoption Joys: They Expected A Miracle

Author Doris Howe shares her real-life stories on adoption and how it affects people

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2023/ — In some parts of the world, adopting children may still be frowned upon. But both the adopter and the adopted person benefit from this special occasion. They may not have known each other at first, but love and a desire to care for another person will reunite them.

Author Doris Howe has been an adoption caseworker for more than twenty years. As time went by, she developed a passion for this line of work and has never quit since. Doris became inspired by all the stories and lives that she had brought together. Soon enough is the birth of this book, “Adoption Joys: They Expected A Miracle.

The joy of having a baby and the joy of having one’s baby adopted to give the baby a new and exciting life are both considered miracles. With the love and care they will give to the child, both families will now be entwined. The overwhelming display of love and care is so lovely to witness and is indeed a blessing in disguise.

Come and witness the true meaning of undying and faithful love, no matter what, with the joy of adoption. Grab a copy of this book from Barnes & Noble or the author’s website at

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