The front cover of the book MADHOUSE: Mind Over Market showing two agents in a lotus pose.

MADHOUSE: Mind Over Market by Joe Owens


Whether it’s a buyer’s market, seller’s market or Boston Market, you have to work the market you’re given but with the right mindset, agents can overcome anxiety and rise to the top”

— Joe Owens

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 7, 2024 / — MADHOUSE: Mind Over Market is a self-help guide for real estate agents to increase commission income by maximizing their job-related mental health. Statistics show agents can increase annual income by up to 40% by caring for their emotional well-being. Author Joe Owens knows what he’s talking about having been a successful broker/agent for over a dozen years with real estate giants Keller Williams and eXp, and over $50 million in sales.

Working in two of the hottest US real estate markets, North Carolina and California, Owens has seen both boom and bust economies and the emotional impact they can have on agent mental health. “I’ve sat in closings where the agent on the other side of the table broke down in tears once the deal was signed from the emotional stress of the transaction”, he says.

The book educates agents on the how the mind-body connection can often work against them by creating uncomfortable physical reactions like an anxiety episode that takes place right before an important listing presentation. He explains how the emotions can send a distress signal to the brain which responds with an uncomfortable physical reaction like the “fight or flight response” which raises the heartbeat and respiration making it difficult for the agent to concentrate. “I’ve had my share of stress related reactions having worked in the music, video game, and sports industries before real estate and understand that until you find a way to manage the symptoms, you’ll struggle”, Owens says.

The book explores in detail the different types of emotional-physical reactions that can take place, their symptoms, and self-care “hacks”, like breathing, movement and other stress relieving strategies to get back on track. He also discusses how, after a particularly difficult episode around some aspect of their work, agents can often develop reactions that cause them to avoid that work, like listings homes or working with investors, which can actually cause them to lose business and revenue. “I’ve seen even highly successful agent leave money on the table”, Owens says, “by being unable or unwilling to confront their fear”.

The real estate industry itself is at a crossroads. High interest rates, scant inventory, and massive lawsuits that threaten the agent- buyer relationship, plus upheaval at the industry’s biggest trade association have left agents feeling frustrated and apprehensive about their career and their future, exacerbating an already existing agent concerns.

In MADHOUSE: Mind Over Market, Owens offers agents the key to success that top-producing agents already know: the vital role of emotional well-being. Agents learn to recognize job-related stress, how to overcome it, and when to seek professional help. He believes that maintaining a positive mindset and mastering stress management, mindfulness, and work-life balance, can unlock the secrets of career success and personal fulfillment.

“Whether it’s a buyer’s market, seller’s market or Boston Market, you have to work the market you’re given but with the right mindset, agents can overcome anxiety and rise to the top”, Owens says.

Owens is offering the ebook version of MADHOUSE: Mind Over Market as a free download on Amazon Books until May 11 to celebrate Mental Health Awarenes Month. Consumers simply visit: to get their free copy.

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