Bella And Mirabel: Messages of Delight Between an Earth Spirit and Her Human Sister

Mary Ellen Jackson emphasizes the many roles humans play in each other’s lives in her book “Bella and Mirabel”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2023 / — Finding a friend is simple. But finding a friend in something unexpected, like a tiny firefly? It is an experience. A wonderful experience, according to Mary Ellen Jackson, as she tells a story of friendship in her book “Bella and Mirabel.”

Bella and Mirabel began one April morning in 1996, when Mirabel spotted Bella. She was tiny and, quite literally, illuminating. All throughout Mirabel’s life, she felt Bella’s presence but did not always acknowledge it, that is until one day she had to.

“She is quirky and funny… One minute she is a tiny pompous professor, and the next she’s an old shoe, or even a bristle brush! No matter my mood, after one of our conversations I always leave my writings a joyous being,” Mary Ellen writes.

“Bella and Mirabel,” although mostly a self-help book, also heavily falls under creative writing. It is a friend, a teacher, and, very importantly, a companion one can always turn to when needed.

An advocate for the elderly, Mary Ellen Jackson has discovered her purpose in providing counseling services to those who question their life’s meaning. With guidance from her mentor, Celeste, and her companion, Bella, she shares her experiences with others and motivates them to pursue their dreams. Through “Bella and Mirabel,” she aims to convey the same inspirational message.

Gain another view on life, and a friend, and get a copy of the book here.

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