~New Thriller Looks At Impending Environmental Disaster and Intensifying Volcanic Activity Worldwide~

The writing throughout is superb: solidly researched and vividly detailed, and it will provoke lots of reflections regarding morality, honor, and human decisions. “Taquoma” wins on all fronts!”

— Reader’s Views

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 6, 2023/ — Climate change scientists are closely watching the earth’s volcanic activity increase. Iceland’s newest volcano is spewing out methane explosions, tornadoes, and lava. Hawaii’s undersea volcano, Kama’ehu, has erupted five times in the past 150 years. Alaska’s Shishaldin Volcano explosion sent ash and steam 40,000 feet into the air earlier this summer. At the same time, a 2022 volcano eruption in the island nation of Tonga was so powerful that it may have caused the climate to warm temporarily, a study says.

It’s against this backdrop of climate worries and volcanic unrest that Kevin D. Miller has set his latest award-winning thriller TAQUOMA. This fast-paced, high-octane novel is packed with unexpected twists and turns, a solid romantic plot, a mother’s unfailing love, and impeccable courage in the face of an approaching calamity.

‘Taquoma’ has received the prestigious 2023 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, winning in the suspense genre, was named a 2023 London Book Festival winner in the fiction genre, and has received the Readers Favorite FIVE STAR badge. Taquoma has also secured bestseller status.

The book is about Yara Del Ray, a brilliant volcanologist, who senses the ominous signs of a volcano’s impending fury as she collects data for her geology dissertation at the base of Mount Rainier. A devoted mother to a six-year-old daughter, Kalani, Yara is determined to save her daughter and protect those unaware of the imminent apocalyptic disaster when her warnings are brushed aside.

Yara is soon kidnapped from the side of Mount Rainier by NASA, who recruits her to a unique team of scientists working on a terrifying problem with Yellowstone’s ancient crater. When Yara’s evaluation of the alarming conditions developing in Yellowstone is ignored, she hires ex-Navy pilot Clayton Red Sky to fly her over Yellowstone in a hot-air balloon to assess the state of the volcanic crater. Soon disaster strikes, and Yara and Clay are stuck together on a desperate journey to escape the oncoming shock wave and billowing clouds of fiery ash. Time is their enemy as eruptions escalate, spewing scorching rivers of molten lava. Amidst the chaos, a race against time ensues as Yara sets off to save her daughter and elderly parents from volcanic destruction before time runs out.

Tensions rise, relationships get tested, and sacrifices are made in this adrenaline-pumping thriller that takes readers on a rollercoaster ride through the dangerous landscape of a volcanic eruption. Will Yara emerge victorious against the fiery odds, or will the volcano consume her loved ones? Kevin D. Miller’s ‘Taquoma’ is a fast-paced apocalyptic story full of action, emotion, and romance. The book made it onto the Amazon Bestseller list and is available worldwide on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the author Kevin D. Miller’s website,

Praise for TAQUOMA:

“Taquoma is an environmental thriller by Kevin D. Miller. Kevin has created a realistic story filled with drama while building tension with all the twists and turns. I thoroughly enjoyed Taquoma and recommend it highly.”
– Alma Boucher with Reader’s Favorite.

The writing throughout is superb: solidly researched and vividly detailed, and it will provoke lots of reflections regarding morality, honor, and human decisions. “Taquoma” wins on all fronts!
-Reader’s Views

“Taquoma” by Kevin D. Miller has been named one of the best indie books of 2023!
– Marilyn Allen with Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group

If you’re looking for an entertaining adventure that hopefully will remain fiction, “Taquoma” will exceed your expectations and leave you waiting for Miller’s next novel.
-Richard V. Battle, media commentator and award-winning author of ten books

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