This Is Your Song on Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, and Google Play

This Is Your Song on Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, and Google Play

Los Angeles Premiere: Director Hassan Said and the cast Briana Walsh, Jordan Potch, and L. Jeffrey Moore

The Cast of This Is Your Song: L. Jeffrey Moore, Edward Hightower, Briana Walsh, Jordan Potch, Joanna Kay

Experience the cinematic awe “THIS IS YOUR SONG,” featuring a record-breaking 97-minute continuous shot. Now streaming on Prime Video, YouTube, and Google Play.

Exquisitely made and fearlessly performed, This Is Your Song is daring independent cinema.”

— Andrew Stover, FILM THREAT

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2023 / — In a dazzling showcase at the Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival, “THIS IS YOUR SONG” claimed victory with Best Screenplay for Hassan Said & Lourdes Figueroa, Best Actress for Briana Walsh, and Best Film Score for Brad Fischer. The film’s grand premiere in a vibrant Los Angeles theater left the audience spellbound, enthralled by its gripping narrative and unparalleled technical brilliance.

Audiences can now embark on a distinctive cinematic journey, where the unfolding artistry captivates the senses, offering a unique and engaging experience. The critically acclaimed and award-winning film “THIS IS YOUR SONG” takes center stage, available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Google Play.

Beyond its narrative prowess, “THIS IS YOUR SONG” etches itself into the annals of cinematic history. The film, characterized as a “Sensational ‘Oner’ Odyssey,” boasts a 97+ minute continuous shot, a groundbreaking achievement that invites audiences into an uninterrupted narrative flow.

The film has been hailed on Rotten Tomatoes review by Debopriyaa Dutta of High On Films as “captures the essence of a relationship on its last legs, broken beyond repair despite being submerged in passion, codependence, and adoration. Encapsulating this volatile sentiment via a continuous 97-minute shot is no easy feat.” showcasing fearless performances and an exquisitely crafted narrative that pushes the boundaries of the art form.

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Moreover, INDIE RIGHTS MOVIES, the dynamic distributor, unveiled the film at the prestigious 2023 American Film Market, where its magnetic appeal ignited fervent interest, sparking foreign sales. Eager to expand its global footprint, the distributor is strategically targeting additional platforms and international markets, propelling the film’s enchanting narrative to other countries of the world.

The release of the film serves not only as an opportunity to experience an outstanding cinematic work but also as an encouragement to endorse the bold endeavors of independent cinema.

“THIS IS YOUR SONG,” directed by Hassan Said, is a tale about love not merely a love story. The motion picture explores raw emotion and human intimacy, painting a vivid tapestry of life’s myriad colors in the tapestry that is San Francisco. This cinematic odyssey promises to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of independent filmmaking.

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