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A Fun Homage to Funk, this Track will Leave Anyone with a Smile on Their Face

This song is a bit ridiculous, it’s true.”

— The Five1Hero

ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2024 / — The Five1Hero, the Executive Producer of the Global Hip Hop Collaboration, Renegades Worldwide, and Owner of the East Bay Area Record Label Fresh Cut Wax LLC., has just released the final products for his Funk Odyssey known as Jam Sandwich.

The original single launched to hungry fans on February 29th, 2024. Now, the Jam Sandwich Saga continues with the release of the new EP Jam Sandwich Deluxe and Music Video.

The Video brings back Visuale, a dancer used in many of the Renegades Worldwide videos, and an East Coast Hip Hop Dancer known as Hillary C. along with The Five1Hero, doing his ridiculous thing. The video brings a lot of laughs and fun with the chemistry created between Visuale and The Five1Hero, but you can’t help looking at how hot and talented these two female dancers are at the same time. You can see the video on YouTube now:

Jam Sandwich Deluxe is a 5 track EP featuring different mixes of the track. “This is more like and old school 12” single in my mind” explains the Five1Hero. “You would have on ‘Side A’, The extended remix, known as Jammy Jammy Jammy Jam Sandwich and a House/Lofi Hip Hop/Trap remix called House Jam, then on Side B, you have the original track, a hook only track, and the instrumental track.”

“This song is a bit ridiculous, it’s true.” Says The Five1Hero. It began when the guitarist on the track, and friend of the Five1Hero, Franken Beans, decided to collab on something. The Five1Hero put together a couple beats and recruited bass player, Jon the Fawn Doe, to lay down some funk. Franken Beans then put the sick guitar riffs down and the bones of Jam Sandwich were born. Over the next few months, The Five1Hero toyed with the track and its potential and recruited Disastrud to lay down the hook who also appeared on Sumer in SoCal alongside Jon. Finally, Mikaylo, a trumpet player The Five1Hero stumbled was recruited to create The Five1Hero Jam band.

The track is a fun “Jam” track that in ‘Hero’s head, pays homage to some of his favorite experimental funk(ish) legends like Parliament, Praxis, Funkadelic, The Grey Boy Allstars, among others. He came up with Jam Sandwich due to the fact he layered the funk over this track one layer at a time. The is the first time Five1Hero has done vocals.

The video was produced by Dr. Anonymous who has produced three other videos along with the Five1Hero.

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I hope you enjoy!

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