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Birdfy Feeder Pro Perch

Birdfy Feeder Pro Perch

Birdfy enhances the user experience by regularly updating its offerings and expanding its range to include a variety of cutting-edge bird feeder cameras.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 25, 2024 / — Birdfy, a leader in smart bird feeder cameras, continues to set industry standards with its rapid response to customer needs and commitment to ongoing product development. Known for its meticulous attention to detail, Birdfy consistently enhances the user experience by regularly updating its offerings and expanding its range to include a variety of cutting-edge bird feeder cameras.

Since its launch, Birdfy has been dedicated to providing the ultimate backyard birdwatching experience. Created to make birdwatching accessible and smart, Birdfy has successfully captured the market with its flagship product, the Birdfy Feeder. The brand’s ongoing success is driven by its unwavering commitment to customer feedback, which is integral to its strategy for optimizing products and exploring new development opportunities.

In response to customer insights, Birdfy quickly introduced two significant product extensions to enhance the birdwatching experience with Birdfy Feeder: First, the Hummee, a hummingbird extension to transform Birdfy Feeder into a paradise for both common birds and hummingbirds; The second extension is the Pro Perch, it is a multifuncitonal perch with . These innovations allow users to customize their feeding stations to attract a diverse range of birds, enriching their birdwatching experience.

Birdfy’s commitment to its customer base is exemplified by its proactive engagement through a vibrant Facebook community of over 100,000 active members. By sharing product ideas early on and gathering initial feedback, Birdfy ensures that each new development meets the real-world needs of its users. This interactive approach fosters a valued and engaged customer base, eager to participate in the evolution of Birdfy products.

Addressing a common concern among birdwatchers, Birdfy developed the Birdfy Seed Guard. This anti-scattering cover helps maintain a clean and pest-free feeding environment by preventing seeds from being spilled by the birds. The introduction of the Birdfy Seed Guard led to a surge in sales, highlighting the importance of responsive product development.

However, further discussions revealed challenges for smaller birds at shared feeding ports. In response, after extensive market research and product testing, Birdfy launched the Birdfy Shield. This innovative cover prevents larger birds from monopolizing feeding ports, ensuring a peaceful environment for all bird species. The Birdfy Shield has been met with significant acclaim and impressive sales figures during its pre-sale period.

Recognizing the need for sustainable product usage, Birdfy also offers a range of replacement parts, such as Perches, Roofs, Suet Ball Holders, and Mounting Brackets. These components are highly appreciated by customers, allowing them to replace parts damaged by wildlife and extend the lifespan of their products at minimal cost.

As Birdfy’s popularity continues to grow, so does the demand for more diverse products. To meet this demand, Birdfy has launched a merchandise line featuring practical and charming items like tote bags, stickers, and T-shirts, allowing customers to express their love for the brand and strengthen their community ties.

“Our mission is to enhance the birdwatching experience while ensuring our customers feel heard and valued,” said Estelle, PR Manager at Birdfy. “By innovating in response to their feedback, we’re not only creating products but also nurturing a community passionate about nature and technology.”

Birdfy’s customer-driven accessories exemplify the brand’s dedication to service, quality, and the birdwatching community, inviting everyone to join their flock and experience nature’s beauty through an innovative lens. If you are interested in more information about Birdfy, visit or contact the team via!

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