BLKMRKTMedia Launches Adult Animation Series “Garbage People” Now Streaming

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Garbage People

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2023/ — BLKMRKTMedia, a female-owned film and animation studio based in the entertainment capital of the world, is pleased to announce this year’s most anticipated adult animation series — Garbage People — Season one streaming now!

Garbage People follows loveable troublemakers Patches and Peel – a jaded Plush bunny and an unhinged banana skin, as they spread misinformation, do crimes, and live life shamelessly in the decidedly familiar dumpster town of Trash they call home. 

The series is renowned for its sharp comedic timing, instantly-likable characters, throwback style and unabashed social commentary. It’s jam-packed with meta humor, timeless savagery, and a sprinkle of millennial disenchantment – embracing the Trash in everything and everyone.

The half-hour episodic was created by show-runner Brit Tobin, and executive produced by Tobin and Jeff Eastin (White Collar, Graceland) prior to the 2023 WGA/SAG Strike. 

Peel and Patches are voiced by Tobin and Eastin. They are joined by an ensemble cast with occasional celebrity cameos. 

The series caught fire on the “World Tour” festival circuit in 2022 where it quickly gained a cult following for its distinctive cerebral humor, offhand pop-culture references and colorful animation style reminiscent of the early 2000s. It’s been screened in over 35 countries and continues to rack up accolades (over 70 laurels to date) including, “Best Animated Comedy” at All The Laughs (Atlanta), “Best Music Video” for the defiant metal track “Trash is Forever” at the Europe Music Awards, and ATX Film Festival with Tobin receiving “Top Female Filmmaker”. 

A second season is in development by production company BLKMRKTMedia.

Garbage People is now available on several popular streaming platforms as it continues shattering expectations for the first-of-its-kind adult animation series created by a woman.

About BLKMRKTMedia:
BLKMRKTMedia is a female-owned film and animation studio based in Los Angeles, CA specializing in producing grown-up content inspired by nostalgia and fueled on 2020s internet culture with an irreverent vibe and transgressive approach. BLKMRKTMedia is home to original content such as the award-winning adult animation series Garbage People.

Brit Tobin is represented by Activist Artists Mgmt.
Jeff Eastin is represented by Rob Kenneally at CAA, Activist Artists Mgmt., and Karl Austen at JTWAMM.

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