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Bolts and Nuts Hub emerges as a key player in the hardware and fasteners supply chain with its expansive selection of over 2 billion ready-for-purchase items.

By leveraging market insights, our purchasing power, and strong industry relationships, we provide optimized fulfillment solutions for diverse budgets and requirements to benefit our customers.”

— Joe Faruqui

CALIFORNIA, ANAHEIM, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2024 / — Bolts and Nuts Hub, a distinguished name in the hardware and fasteners supply chain, is emerging as a key player in the industry with its announcement of an expanded product selection. With a comprehensive inventory of items and a steadfast commitment to quality, Bolts and Nuts Hub is poised to meet the diverse needs of customers across various sectors, its selection featuring bolts, screws, sockets, washers, nuts, set screws, pins, hardware supplies, hooks, braces and brackets, and so much more.

With an emphasis on quality and reliability, Bolts and Nuts Hub strictly sources its products from reputable manufacturers known for their precision engineering and adherence to industry standards. Furthermore, the company’s team carefully vets all entities sourced from, and everything from automotive fasteners and threaded inserts to magnets and magnetic strips undergoes varying levels of testing and inspection as necessary prior to shipment. This ensures that customers can trust the products they receive from Bolts and Nuts Hub to meet their performance requirements and withstand the challenges of rigorous applications.

The commitment to excellence extends to Bolts and Nuts Hub’s selection of mil-spec and MIL-STD fasteners, ensuring that customers in defense and aerospace sectors have access to products that meet the stringent requirements of these industries. By offering a comprehensive range of mil-spec fasteners that are quality assured, Bolts and Nuts Hub plays a vital role in supporting military and defense operations.

Whether one requires spacers and standoffs for an automotive application, rivets and rods for an aircraft, or O-rings and vibration control accessories for manufacturing operations, Bolts and Nuts Hub ensures a solution for any need or market. With the company’s specialty lying in tracking down long lead-time parts and obsolete items, customers can also receive immediate solutions to their needs with Bolts and Nuts Hub, even when other channels fail.

Beyond hardware and fasteners that are commonly used in machinery, aircraft, and other demanding environments, Bolts and Nuts Hub also provides a wide range of door hardware and replacement parts, drawer and cabinet hardware, garage door openers, and other hardware supplies. This comprehensive offering makes Bolts and Nuts Hub a one-stop destination for customers seeking solutions for all their hardware needs.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, Bolts and Nuts Hub offers customized service and 24/7 support to ensure that customers find the right hardware and fastener solutions for their specific requirements. The team at Bolts and Nuts Hub is dedicated to providing expert guidance and assistance, helping customers navigate the vast array of products available and find the perfect fit for their applications. Customers can always call or email the company’s team at any time to receive one-on-one consultation and rapid responses to quote requests for items of interest.

In an ever-changing landscape, Bolts and Nuts Hub remains committed to innovation and continuous improvement. By staying abreast of industry trends and technological advancements, Bolts and Nuts Hub ensures that its product offerings adapt to meet the evolving needs of customers. For more information about Bolts and Nuts Hub and its range of fastener and hardware part offerings, please visit

About Bolts and Nuts Hub:

Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, Bolts and Nuts Hub is a premier purchasing platform for hardware and fastener parts that trace back to leading manufacturers from across the globe. Organized within carefully curated catalogs, customers can find over 2 billion new, used, obsolete, and hard-to-find items that cater to diverse applications, everything being ready for purchase at any time. With team members working around the clock and instant RFQ services, customers are encouraged to kick off their procurement needs at their earliest convenience.

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