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The renowned author has launched a groundbreaking mentoring program to shed light on Grammar Rule changes.

BOOKLAND, CA, USA, August 15, 2023/ — OnlineBookClub, a prominent platform in the literary world, is making waves once again with a significant update that is set to impact writers, readers, and book enthusiasts alike. In a surprising move, Scott Hughes, the visionary founder of OnlineBookClub, has announced a groundbreaking change in grammar rules related to book titles. As of now, book titles will no longer require underlining or italicization, heralding a new era in literary presentation.

Scott Hughes, a trailblazer in the online literary community, has consistently demonstrated his commitment to innovation and the betterment of the reading and writing experience. This recent announcement further underscores his dedication to challenging norms and embracing positive change.

“Grammar rules are no longer merely descriptive; they have adapted to reflect the changing times. In today’s digital era, the limitations of certain websites, email clients, and messenger apps make it challenging to consistently apply italics to text, especially in comments and posts. As a result, it has become increasingly common to differentiate book titles using methods like quotation marks, asterisks, or even plain text without additional punctuation. Our decision to update the rules surrounding book title formatting reflects a shift towards simplification and modernization, aligning with the digital age,” said Scott Hughes.

The change has been met with a mixture of excitement and curiosity from the OnlineBookClub community. Members have expressed their support for this forward-thinking move, praising Hughes for his willingness to lead and redefine conventions in the literary landscape.

Recently, the visionary author also unveiled an unprecedented mentoring program available with limited spots. This program is set to reshape the landscape for aspiring authors and writers and has been meticulously designed to guarantee success and empower individuals to achieve their literary dreams. Participants will benefit from one-on-one coaching sessions, tailored feedback on their work, strategic guidance on manuscript development, publication strategies, and marketing techniques.

Scott Hughes, a native of Manchester, CT, has left a significant mark on literature and education. At 19, he founded, now a vibrant community of over 3 million members. His vision of uniting book enthusiasts and fostering literary discussions has flourished, making it a hub for diverse readers. Scott Hughes was also elected to the Board of Education in his hometown of Manchester, CT, an unpaid volunteer position. Before being elected to the Board of Education, Scott Hughes was the President of the town-wide PTA in Manchester and a vice president of the statewide Connecticut PTA. All three positions were unpaid volunteer positions.

Since 2014, he has shifted his focus solely to, nurturing literary conversations, empowering readers, and promoting authors. Scott’s commitment to education and community service shines as he served on the Board of Education in Manchester. He held key roles in the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), both locally and statewide, exemplifying his dedication to education and community change. Furthermore, Scott Hughes’s development team is also credited with introducing OBC Reader, a complimentary e-reading application available on both Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

A proud father of two lovely children, Scott Hughes’s influence extends far beyond OnlineBookClub. A prolific author himself, with four published books to his name and another highly anticipated work set to release soon, Hughes has become a prominent figure in the literary world. His efforts to give back to the community through charitable initiatives, fundraising, and volunteering have earned him admiration and respect.

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