BougeRV Announced The Launch Of The Aspen Icedrive Portable Fridges

BougeRV Aspen Icedrive

BougeRV is going to introduce the Aspen 30, Aspen 40, and Aspen 50 Icedrive Portable Fridges this August, enhancing outdoor experiences.

SAN LEANDRO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2023/ — Three new products will be added to BougeRV‘s product selection in August: the Aspen 30 Icedrive, Aspen 40 Ice drive, and Aspen 50 Ice drive Portable Fridges. As the sweltering summer sun continues to scorch, BougeRV is revolutionizing the on-the-go refrigeration industry with its state-of-the-art fridges, poised to provide outdoor enthusiasts with unparalleled convenience.

Amidst the demand for effective solutions to keep food and beverages cool during outdoor escapades, BougeRV introduces the game-changing Aspen Ice Drive Portable Fridges. Keeping food and beverages cool during outdoor adventures becomes a priority as the summer heat continues to blaze. BougeRV’s new Aspen Ice Drive Portable Fridges are designed to meet this need head-on, combining advanced cooling technology with portability and durability. Simply plug it into the car’s cigarette lighter or a 12V power source for reliable cooling. Customers can enjoy the convenience of having fresh food and drinks at their fingertips, no matter the adventure. For longer trips or extended outdoor stays, consider the dual-zone fridge/freezer.

Key Features of the Aspen Ice Drive Portable Fridges:

1. External 220WH Battery: Designed with convenience in mind, the Aspen Ice Drive Portable Fridges are equipped with an external 220WH battery. With the powerful 220Wh battery mounted on the outside, this portable design provides more food storage space. With 100W of solar input, this battery works perfectly to power the ASPEN refrigerator, keeping the food and drinks colder for longer. This battery backup can provide up to 200W of continuous power, making it ideal for running small appliances like mini-fridges. It also features multiple charging ports, including AC, DC, USB, and Type-C, so customers can easily charge their devices while on the go.

2. Unique Ice Drive System: IceDrive™ System is designed for ice cream lovers. The temp in one zone can be dropped sharply and kept below 0°F for storage ice cream, while the other zone acts as refrigeration (37~68℉) for fresh. The heart of BougeRV’s innovation lies in its unique Ice Drive System. This advanced cooling technology not only maintains a consistent temperature within the fridge but also minimizes power consumption. This means longer-lasting cooling performance without draining the power supply, making it an ideal choice for longer trips and excursions.

3. Regular Modes: With 4 regular modes, the two zones have separate temperature controls(-4℉-68℉): fridge, freezer, or both, making the Aspen have amazing flexibility to meet customer needs. The Aspen Ice Drive Portable Fridges offer multiple modes to suit client needs.

4. Various Capacities: BougeRV understands that outdoor adventures come in all sizes, and so do the cooling needs. ASPEN and ASPEN PRO refrigerators come in three capacities: 34QT, 43QT and 53QT. Whether the customers are traveling alone or with their companions, it offers an ASPEN refrigerator that meets the capacity needs. From compact options for day trips to more spacious capacities for extended journeys, customers can select the perfect size for their adventure.

5. Other Vital Features: Aside from its standout features, the Aspen Ice Drive Portable Fridges boast a range of additional benefits. These include USB charging, Interior LED light, removable baskets, spring handles and fastening strap holes which fit seamlessly into the outdoor setup. The dual-zone fridge/freezer option further enhances the flexibility, allowing customers to separately cool and freeze items as needed.

To celebrate the launch of these exciting new products, BougeRV is offering a limited-time promotion of 20% off on all Aspen Ice Drive Portable Fridges. Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade the outdoor experience with top-tier refrigeration solutions.

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These innovative fridges are just a small part of BougeRV’s extensive selection for outdoor adventures.

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