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The multi-talented artist on his rising to greatness.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2024 / — .
Forget the dusty classrooms – Brazilian filmmaker Joel Junior is taking the world by storm with his captivating stories. This bilingual (Portuguese and English) dynamo is no stranger to success. His short film, TYLER, went viral, snagged the prestigious LABRFF award for Best International Short Film, and together, his films have touched the hearts of millions worldwide.

But Joel’s artistic journey started way before he picked up a camera. He was a wordsmith first, crafting plays that resonated deeply. His work, “Sweet Breakfast,” even crossed language barriers, getting translated into Spanish and captivating audiences in Lima, Peru for a whopping eight weeks! This ability to connect with people from all walks of life through storytelling is what truly fuels Joel’s passion.

That passion led him to create Joel Films, more than just a production company – it’s a mission. They’re dedicated to giving a voice to those who haven’t been heard, crafting thought-provoking stories that stay with you long after the credits roll. These aren’t just viral hits, they’re deeply personal journeys that touch audiences on a human level. Joel Films LGBTQ+ films are have resonated and being shared by thousands of people and receive critical acclaim as well as various accolades around the world.

There’s more to Joel than meets the eye, though. When he’s not captivating audiences with his films, he’s an English teacher with a Master’s degree in Linguistics, sharing his love for language with the next generation. But his creative side doesn’t stop there. A self-proclaimed “TV junkie,” Joel brings a unique blend of intellectual curiosity and infectious enthusiasm to his work. Watching shows like **The Good Place**, which he believes is the most relevant and brilliant show ever made, inspired him not only to become a filmmaker/artist, but also helped him understand so much about human behavior.

Now, Joel Films is ready for its next chapter. Their upcoming short drama, “Heartbreak Afterglow,” is already generating major buzz, ranking in the top 12% of screenplays on Coverfly. They are gathering investment to bring this new project to life.

Following the success of TYLER, Joel’s film STRANGERS shattered their own records, winning over 30 awards and captivating almost two million viewers on YouTube. He then tackled the crucial issue of women’s rights with his latest short film, “Last Minute,” which resonated with audiences worldwide and garnered a staggering 40 awards.

“We believe in the power of stories to connect us, inspire us, and make a real difference,” says Joel. “With ‘Heartbreak Afterglow,’ we want to dive deep into the messy world of human emotions, offering a raw and relatable experience for our audience through the lives of Mike and Jason who are going through a marriage crises.”

If you’re looking for a filmmaker who isn’t afraid to break the mold and tell stories that matter, then look no further than Joel Junior. Head over to his YouTube channel and join the millions who’ve already been captivated by his unique voice.

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