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Shaye Larsen

Larsen discusses how the secret to marketing success is selling an idea, rather than a product or service.

Shaye is a marketing force. He and his team have the ability to take a great idea and magnify it exponentially. They have been responsible for doubling the number of borrowers in our pipeline.”

— Peter J. Burns, III, Founder of Burns Funding

LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2024 / — Burns Funding, an alternative funding company that helps entrepreneurs and investors obtain private unsecured debt capital, announced today the second episode of the Burns Funding Equation, a Podcast, which features serial entrepreneur Shaye Larsen.

The episode can be heard here.

The first episode published in April and featured Peter J. Burns, III, the founder of Burns Funding. Sign up to be notified when an episode publishes here.

Larsen, the CEO of Token Marketing and an owner of several automotive dealerships, is a proponent of selling an idea, rather than selling a product or service. He recently brought that approach to Burns Funding, catching the eye of Burns Funding founder of Peter J. Burns, III.

“Shaye is a marketing force,” said Burns. “He and his team have the ability to take a great idea and magnify it exponentially. Singlehandedly, he has been responsible for doubling the number of borrowers in our pipeline. That’s why we felt he would be the perfect, next interview for Burns Funding Equation.”

Of course, Burns also points out that the Burns Funding Method is the ideal compliment to Larsen.

“We are a great alternative to traditional banks, which are difficult for entrepreneurs to work with,” said Burns. “We have hundreds of private investors who have come to trust Burns Funding and are willing to back that up with their capital. We embrace borrowers. This attitude directly opposes the negative reception that entrepreneurs receive from banks and other conventional lending sources.”

Larsen calls the Burns Funding Method “unprecedented. When I heard about the approach, met with Peter and did my due diligence, I knew that this was a business I could help take to the next level.”


Based in La Jolla, California, Peter J. Burns III grew up in a well-established New England family in New Canaan, Connecticut. He was briefly educated at the United States Military Academy Preparatory School at West Point, the University of Virginia (UVA), and finally, Harvard Business School’s Owners and Presidents Management Program. While his two younger brothers went on to have very successful traditional business careers, Burns chose the life of a startup entrepreneur.

Burns started hundreds of businesses over the ensuing decades. In the early 2000s, he moved to Arizona and became a pro bono adjunct faculty member at the highly respected Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University. In 2006, Burns took his teaching practice across town to Grand Canyon University and its entrepreneurial founder Brent Richardson, where the two men would launch the nation’s first College of Entrepreneurship at GCU.

In recognition of his work, the Arizona chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America named Burns its Businessperson of the Year in 2007.

Shortly thereafter, Burns started Club Entrepreneur to unite entrepreneurs in an “open-source entrepreneurship” platform. The Phoenix chapter attracted 10,000 members.

In 2016, Burns moved to the West Coast and started Burns Funding to help entrepreneurs secure hard-to-get funding for their businesses.
Taken as a whole, Burns says all the businesses have a “common thread.”

“Every business I start represents my desire to help existing and would-be entrepreneurs reach their full potential,” said Burns. “Too often, they give up because of a lack of capital. I set out to solve that problem and won’t rest until every entrepreneur who needs money can secure it.”


Shaye Larsen is an entrepreneur, trainer, and engineer.

One of my early business lessons emerged the day after he quit a good job to pursue his dream of being a full-time entrepreneur. “I was reading a book about business and ideas when a particular line struck me,” he remembered. “It said, ‘Ideas have value, ON THEIR OWN.’ This meant that even before you develop an idea into something, it holds value in its raw form. Just the idea is worth something.

“Struck by this, I conducted an experiment by coming up with an idea and putting it online for sale. ‘IDEA FOR SALE!’ Within two hours, someone bought the idea from me for $13.85. It was astonishing. I had just pulled that out of my head, and it turned into money within two hours.

“The lesson wasn’t as much about selling an idea as it was about what I gave away that made people want to buy it from me. I continued listing it for sale, and over the next year, it sold over 40,000 times! I went on to train several entrepreneurs on the value of their ideas and even led an idea contest for 17 years, vetting thousands of ideas.

“Realizing that raw value can be transformed into a currency, I applied this philosophy to be the founder of and launch many businesses over the next 20 years in architecture, software, marketing, training, real estate, auto dealerships, health, finance, titling, and consulting. It has been an incredible journey.

“Major failures and successes have taught, shaped, and honed me. I’ve met some of the most fascinating people in the world and can say without hesitation that I hold the utmost respect for entrepreneurs and am proud to be one. They sacrifice so much for their visions and ideas, taking on battles that inspire, crush, and change the world.

“All my experience has culminated in my current and new business, Token Marketing. I’m bringing the most powerful marketing lesson of all time to those who can use it best, entrepreneurs. Token Marketing is for startups and businesses ready for a pivot by teaching them to install a token in their business.”

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