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The Eras Tour (and movie) has taught us all valuable lessons in leadership. California Employers Association breaks down key takeaways for employers.

The conversation after the movie included giving this megastar millennial credit for how she engages her team.”

— Daniela Devitt

SACRAMENTO, CA, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2023 / — California Employers Association (CEA), a leading organization providing HR support to businesses, shares insights from a recent newsletter article that draws valuable leadership lessons from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour movie. The article highlights Taylor Swift’s remarkable qualities as a businesswoman and leader, offering an inspiring perspective for leaders in the business world.

A group of professionals, business owners, and leaders had the opportunity to enjoy Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour movie. Daniela Devitt, Vice President at CEA, shared the group’s sentiment—Taylor Swift’s leadership is evident. “The conversation after the movie included giving this megastar millennial credit for how she engages her team,” said Devitt.

The article titled “Leadership Lessons by Taylor Swift” can be attributed to many qualities and actions, including:

1. Authenticity: Swift is known for being authentic and genuine. She doesn’t try to create a facade or hide her true self. This authenticity resonates with her fans and sets a positive example for authenticity in leadership. Business leaders and HR professionals should be thoughtful about their own leadership qualities and, like Taylor, play to their strengths!

2. Resilience: Swift has faced her fair share of challenges and controversies throughout her career, but she has consistently demonstrated resilience. Her ability to bounce back from setbacks and maintain her artistic integrity is an inspiring quality for others to emulate. This is a good reminder that it’s okay to be transparent about setbacks—whether it is a failed business idea, a tough year economically, etc. Send the message that setbacks are often opportunities in disguise.

3. Empowerment: Her music often carries empowering messages, particularly for young women. She encourages self-confidence, individuality, and standing up for what you believe in. In her leadership, she fosters a sense of empowerment in her fan base and the broader community. Good leaders know that providing a sense of autonomy and empowerment to staff is one of the most important things for employee engagement.

4. Inclusivity: Swift is known for being inclusive and accepting of people from all walks of life. She has been vocal about LGBTQ+ rights and other social issues, creating a sense of belonging for a diverse range of individuals. This inclusivity sets a positive example for leaders who aim to build diverse and inclusive teams. While many companies have made strides in hiring a more diverse workforce, it is important to take the next steps to ensure that the work environment is inclusive and equitable.

5. Innovation: She has consistently adapted to changes in the music industry, experimenting with different musical genres and exploring new ways to connect with her fans. This innovation showcases her ability to stay relevant and thrive in a rapidly changing environment. Now, more than ever, leaders should capitalize on the ever-changing work environment and technological advances. Stay relevant with both customers and employees.

6. Philanthropy: Swift has donated significant amounts to various charitable causes. Her leadership in philanthropy shows a commitment to using her platform for the greater good and encourages others to give back. Again, this is a great reminder for companies that philanthropic efforts are often a win-win scenario!

7. Emotional Intelligence: Swift is known for her emotional intelligence, which is essential in leadership. She often writes about complex emotions and personal experiences, allowing her fans to connect with her on a deep emotional level. These days, employees expect managers to have emotional intelligence and connect on a human level. Managers must be equipped with these essential skills.

8. Artistic Excellence: Swift’s consistent production of high-quality music and her dedication to her craft exemplify excellence. This dedication and pursuit of perfection set a benchmark for aspiring leaders in their respective fields. As leaders, we should incentivize our staff to take pride in their work. Remind employees, from time to time, of the company’s core values and objectives.

9. Adaptability: Successfully transitioning from country to pop music, shows Swift’s ability to adapt. Her ability to pivot, change, and grow as an artist is a valuable leadership quality, especially in industries with evolving trends. She reminds leaders that sometimes the best decision is to change course. Just because you have done something one way for so long, does not mean there isn’t a better way. Don’t be afraid to take chances!

Taylor Swift’s leadership qualities extend beyond her music career and make her a great leader and a positive role model for many. As business leaders, it is imperative to continue growing and learning to incorporate these attributes into leadership styles and drive positive changes.

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