Vacuum 40 at a Cal State University campus

Vacuum 40 at a Cal State University campus

Vacuum 40 at a Cal State University campus

Vacuum 40 at a Cal State University campus

Scrubber 50 at a Cal State University campus

Scrubber 50 at a Cal State University campus

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California State University campuses are looking to deploy autonomous cleaning robots to save cost and overhead in their cleaning operations.

The use of autonomous cleaning robots ensures that no areas are missed as they provide reports showing exactly where on the map the robots covered, you can’t get that level of granularity with people”

— John Moreno, Director of Deployment

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2023/ — Navia Robotics, a robotics company headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is at the forefront of deploying and installing service robots and cleaning robots in the food service, education and hospitality industries. With extensive experience working closely with facility maintenance and operations teams, they work with customers to provide ideal solutions for their specific use case problems.

The California State University system, collectively 23 campuses which enroll nearly half a million students, is the largest public university system in the world. With several hundred million square feet of collective interior space and an average of over twenty thousand students per campus, each university operates like a small city with an army of personnel involved with facility maintenance and upkeep.

In response to the ongoing global challenges posed by a shortage of labor and reluctance by workers to do floor scrubbing and vacuuming for hours on end, the campuses are actively seeking out and investing in advanced technology solutions to enhance their campus infrastructure and operational efficiency. The introduction of these cutting-edge cleaning robots represents a significant milestone in the university system’s commitment to the health and safety of its academic community.

The cleaning robots, equipped with the latest in artificial intelligence and smart sensor technologies, are capable of autonomously navigating through the various campus areas, including hallways, classrooms, libraries, gyms and sports facilities and other communal areas. These robots perform comprehensive cleaning tasks, including dusting and vacuuming, floor scrubbing and disinfection to minimize the potential for pathogens to spread and creating a cleaner and healthier campus environment. By having the robots work on a consistent schedule, the floors are cleaned constantly and consistently without fail. “The use of autonomous cleaning robots ensures that no areas are missed as they provide reports showing exactly where on the map the robots covered, you can’t get that level of granularity with people or other machines out there,” says John Moreno, Director of Deployment over at Navia Robotics.

The key features of the cleaning robots include:

Advanced autonomous path generation technology: Once the area is mapped, the robots automatically generate an optimized cleaning path to take on the floor plan, simplifying deployment in various environments.

Smart navigation and obstacle avoidance: The robots are equipped with sophisticated navigation systems and can maneuver effortlessly around people and obstacles, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning without causing disruptions to campus activities.

Real time monitoring and reporting: The integrated centralized app system provides real time tracking of each individual robot, including the current position and updates on the cleaning task progress and performance. Wear and tear status on consumables are a tap away to ensure the machines are always in peak operating condition.

Eco-friendly operation: The robots minimize the use of electricity and water to help university campuses meet environmental goals. The vacuum can operate at different power levels to best match the floor type and the scrubbers incorporate internal water filters to recycle water use, offering nearly 80% reduction in water use without compromising the cleaning efficacy.

The Vacuum 40 was chosen to take on the vacuuming tasks with its ability to suck up dust and debris from polished concrete, carpet to flat tiled surfaces. It can vacuum up to 50,000 square feet per charge with its large self-contained battery and spacious 3 gallon reusable dust bag. The Scrubber 50 and Scrubber 75 take on the task of floor scrubbing and buffing on hard surfaces. With the optional workstation, the autonomous scrubbers can save time by up to 97%, as they can not only recharge when the battery is low, but also fill up on clean water and discharge gray water without manual intervention.

The deployment of cleaning robots comes as part of a broader initiative state-wide to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of higher education. By investing in cutting-edge solutions, the universities aim to set new standards for campus hygiene and safety, reinforcing their position as leaders in academic excellence and forward-looking facility upkeep strategies.

Navia Robotics leads the industry with unwavering devotion to research and development, spearheading revolutionary features and patented technologies. Their distinct focus on innovation distinguishes them from competitors. Having effectively deployed their robots in various establishments, they serve countless restaurant patrons across the United States every month. For restaurant, resort, hotel, and hospital owners seeking to integrate robots into their operations, Navia Robotics provides the chance for an on-site demo or risk-free trial.

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Navia Robotics is a robotics development company that possesses vast expertise in both automation hardware and software. With a deep understanding of the inefficiencies prevalent in the food service and hospitality industry, both pre and during the COVID-19 pandemic, Navia Robotics collaborated closely with numerous restaurants operating under diverse models and located in different geographical areas and serving a variety of cuisines. This allowed them to meticulously refine their service to support the market’s needs.

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