Camping Coffee Company COLETTI Announces Brand New Camping Gear

Camping Coffee Bean Grinder

COLETTI, California based camping coffee company, released new gear today. The Crag is the best coffee grinder designed for campers. Available now on Amazon.

… the best camping coffee grinder available.”

— Joshua Gilliam

SUTTER CREEK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2023/ — COLETTI announced the release of new piece of camping gear this week. The Crag, a premium manual hand grinder designed for off-grid camping, provides a luxury alternative to cheap manual camping grinders that have saturated the market. COLETTI has highlighted the specialty stainless steel used to make the conical burr mechanism, claiming it as the first premium coffee grinder for campers.

The veteran owned and operated company, remarks on how the COLETTI Crag Camping Grinder is the third product they’ve released this year. Following the launches of the brand new COLETTI Classic Enamel Percolator and COLETTI Scouts Camping Cups.

COLETTI founder and president Joshua Gilliam, retired US Army chaplain and infantry officer, reflects on how the newly released Crag fits into their collection of products. “We’ve been successful with our coffee makers, and now it’s our goal to bring great products that help facilitate the entire brewing process,” notes Gilliam. He continues, “The Crag is a step-function improvement on previous grinder designs. And we believe it’s the best camping coffee grinder available.”

The Crag Camping Grinder features 12 settings from fine to coarse, 420 stainless steel grinding mechanisms, a detachable milling arm for easy storage, corrosion resistant coating, and a dishwasher safe build. According to Gilliam, “[COLETTI] noticed there are a lot of cheap grinder choices on the market, but none that provide a coffee-shop quality grind. We wanted to combine this type of quality with something that is durable, easy to pack, and efficient.”

The Crag is able to make 6 tablespoons of ground coffee at a time. The black coat finish is designed to prevent scratches and the base has an easy-to-hold textured grip. The grinder itself stands at 6.25 inches tall and has a width of 2 inches which can be broken down into three parts, as well as store ground coffee.

Although the grinder is specifically designed for camping, Josh says “it will look great in any coffee bar, at home or a café.” Gilliam goes on to say, “[COLETTI] know[s] that no one can go camping everyday, so we design all our products to be just as effective at home as they are amazing outdoors.”

COLETTI’s product catalog features multiple coffee makers, stoneware mugs, stainless steel cups, measuring spoons, whole coffee beans, and now a coffee grinder. Founded in 2016 and based in California, the company motto is, “Make Great Coffee Anywhere.” The company mentioned they are expecting to release more products before the year is through.

The COLETTI Crag Camping Grinder is available today on Amazon and on the company Website ( The camping grinder is available in the United States and is marked to release in Canada by 2024.

COLETTI has highlighted that the company mission goes beyond coffee and camping. Along with the product development and marketing, the company consistently provides financial support to “religious freedom efforts in places where there is little to religious freedom.” The company provides US Based customer service during weekdays and can be contacted through email. Both wholesale and affiliate marketing opportunities are available at COLETTI, interested parties should contact for further information.

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