Emery Morrison, left,  and Marvin Wilcher, right - founders of CampNova

Emery Morrison, left, cofounded CampNova a lifestyle tech company in Los Angeles with Marvin Wilcher.

Long Beach Post’s The Word with Jackie Rae welcomed cofounders of lifestyle tech company CampNova for open conversations on challenges in Black entrepreneurship

Yes, there’s disadvantage in being an African American-owned business in some industries. But overcoming these challenges can transform individuals into better business people.”

— Marvin Wilcher

LOS ANGELES, CA , USA, October 18, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — On an episode of “The Word with Jackie Rae ” featured on the Long Beach Post, CampNova co-founders Marvin Wilcher and Emery Morrison met up with host Jackie Rae for a candid conversation on overcoming challenges in Black entrepreneurship. CampNova is widely known for its influencer and celebrity partnerships, including Lil’ Kim, 2 Chainz, and Gary Vee, and collaborations with athletes, namely NBA champ Lamar Odom and pro-skater Marissa Martinez.

Post-pandemic and having to re-strategize, according to Morrison, the CampNova network developed into multiple verticals of consumer packaged goods. At the start of the year, the team spun out new products, services and consumer experiences.

“We got to a certain point,” Wilcher said. “It’s time for us to pivot.”

“Usually, there’s all these hurdles that you gotta go through,” Morrison added.

And while there are challenges in being “Black-owned” and often those challenges aren’t discussed, according to Wilcher, “business is business.”

According to the Los Angeles executives, everything has been a learning experience.

“Our internal team had growth periods that were very hard,” Morrison shared. “We [have] learned a lot. What you gotta do. And this is us as a minority-owned company that hasn’t received investment, building this up from our bootstraps of saying, when the opportunity comes, you better go get it ’cause somebody else is gonna go get it.”

“Yes, there is a disadvantage in being an African American-owned business in some industries,” Wilcher pointed out. However, he also emphasizes that overcoming these challenges can transform individuals into better business people.”

Digging deeper into CampNova’ s latest ventures, Morrison shared they’d teamed up with a woman-owned business out of South Carolina, Pixie Paula of Striped Pig Distillery, to create brands, like the unreleased Gangsters and Lovers Bourbon, DTGL.

“I was so excited to be able to share that bourbon with people,” Jackie Rae shared of her experience trying DTGL. “I was like ‘Hey, this is probably something you have never had before. Because it hits you. It’s kind of gangster.”

Gangsters and Lovers Bourbon is one of a number of soon to release products from CampNova, who continues to help celebrity and influencers build brands and experiences.

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