Millennium Academy CEO Pens His First Book Sharing His Blueprint to Success in Generating Over 2.5 Million in Sales

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 15, 2023 / — CEO of Millennium Academy, Jahmal Walker, grew up thirty miles south of the inner city of Chicago surrounded by family and community. The young entrepreneur always dreamed of bringing people together to experience what that community felt like. After having made over a quarter of a million dollars selling high quality knives within four summers of college, Walker decided to start his own company, ‘Millennium Age’.

“It takes you to be a visionary, to do something that’s never been done before in your circle.” – Jahmal Walker

In 2015, the successful CEO left Chicago for Los Angeles to expand his growing brand. Word spread quickly, Walker’s event production empire was in high demand. Within ten short years, production took Walker to over thirty cities across the US and as his team grew he found himself teaching event curators how to build up their brands to increase ticket sales using his blueprint.

As of today, Jahmal Walker’s Millennium Age brand has produced over twelve hundred events and generated over 2.5 million dollars in ticket sales.

“I like pushing the envelope from start to finish. I feel like I’m a painter, I could take an empty venue and turn it into a full capacity event. I love telling stories and I tell them with my events.” – Jahmal Walker

Over his ten year career, he has employed over a dozen event entrepreneurs and has dedicated himself to educating the youth through his platform The Millennium Academy.

With his academy, his profitable event production company Millennium Age and with a diversified asset portfolio under his belt, Jahmal Walker successfully passes on the torch to the next entrepreneur with a similar mindset and dream.

Through his book, Walker is looking forward to changing the lives of event curators, event producers and entrepreneurs who will be able to learn how to turn their ideas into six figure or more businesses. Readers will be given keys to unlock event production secrets, including how to produce sold out events in several states simultaneously with or without a large following while navigating a tough market without having to go through the unnecessary growing pains.

To purchase or download Walker’s book, ‘Event Cheat Codes: Cracking the Code for 6 Figure Social Events’, please visit

Suria Ross
Sanguine PR