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It’s a masterpiece. Everyone has to see this film, It’s mind blowing. Jody is truly a courageous woman to make a piece of art like that .”

— Dave the Memory Guy

HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2023 / — Brace yourselves for an uproarious family-friendly comedy that not only tickles the funny bone but also warms the heart— “Cocoa” has been crowned Best Comedy at the prestigious LA Independent Women Film Awards. Co-Directed by Jody Mortara and Joe Gawalis, this delightful film is gearing up for a sweet debut at the American Film Market this November.

“This is a film celebrating women in all our glory, and to be selected by this prestigious awards show is an honor! It validates my goal for this film; to make a comedy that is free of vulgarities, and sexual content. I wanted the whole family to be able to watch this and laugh together.” Jody Mortara-writer, Co-Director, Co-Star, Producer.

In “Cocoa,” Jody Mortara and Megan McGarvey take center stage as the lovable and eccentric sisters, Faith and Hope. This heartwarming tale follows the duo’s journey from rivalry to redemption, all while chasing their dreams of creating a revolutionary chocolate cake that defies the laws of calories.

“To be a small part of the women’s film movement is humbling. I am privileged to have brought my talents to help make this beautiful film available to the public”. Joe Gawalis Co-Director, Producer.

The laughter begins at the funding pitch party, where an investor’s dog accidentally becomes the first (and furriest) taste-tester of the sisters’ slimming chocolate cake. What ensues is a 24-hour city-wide chase, featuring an eccentric vet with a magical ‘potion,’ comical encounters with a bumbling terrorist, and the spirited pursuit of an ambitious field reporter, Christina Portenza (Siena D’Addario), who lives in the constant pursuit of fame.

As the story unfolds, “Cocoa” doesn’t just serve up laughs; it also introduces audiences to the charming mob boss Carmine Frangiolini (Tony Cucci) of Sopranos fame, and his savvy family friend, Lucas Morello, (Cedric Gegel) both eager to make the sisters an offer they can’t refuse.

“Cocoa,” the deliciously blended treat from the mind of Jody Mortara, is more than just a comedy—it’s a testament to the power of family, resilience, and the enduring bond between sisters. The film’s success at the LA Independent Women Film Awards solidifies its status as a must-see family-friendly comedy.

As “Cocoa” prepares for its debut at the American Film Market this November, audiences can anticipate a delightful journey filled with humor, heart, and the irresistible taste of redemption.

Mortara /Gawalis along with their Co-Producers Siena D’Addario, Chris Victor, Gene Hale, and Executive Producer, Michael Spagnoli, wait with gleeful anticipation on what’s next for this chocolate caper. Could there be a chocolate covered TV series in the works? By the mischievous grins creator Jody Mortara and her business partner, Joe Gawalis, flashed when asked this, we think it’s time to get ready for more adventures!

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