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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, May 6, 2024 / — Since its inception in 2020, Collectionary has been revolutionizing the way savvy comic enthusiasts track their collections, by offering an intuitive, mobile, and free alternative to traditional collector software such as Comic Base and CLZ.

The latest update introduces an enhanced feature, allowing users to seamlessly shop eBay’s marketplace with unparalleled precision, simplifying the quest for the perfect comic.

What’s New in Collectionary:

• Robust eBay Integration: Collectionary now provides quick in-app access to a curated list of “Buy It Now” listings, encompassing both raw and professionally graded books. Real-time updates ensure that recently sold items are promptly removed, while highlighting any price drops from sellers.

• Superior Shopping via Computer Vision A.I.: Collectionary’s Cosmic Cover Search leverages computer vision AI to deliver more precise search results, especially for variant covers, surpassing eBay’s conventional text search or barcode lookup. All auction results are filtered out, enabling a streamlined “I just want to know the seller’s price, and buy it now!” shopping experience. Additionally, “FOR SALE” listings are sorted by grade, enabling its users to identify bargains effortlessly.

• Seeker: Smart Alerts / Notifications: With the new Seeker feature, users can set alerts for desired books, specifying minimum grade and preferred price. Seeker continuously monitors listings and notifies users when the desired book becomes available at the specified price & grade, providing them with a competitive advantage.

The quantity and quality of features in Collectionary is impressive, especially for a free application. For instance, Collectionary’s “Cosmic Cover Search”, which allows collectors to point their phone camera at a comic to effortlessly pull up creator credits or historical price information, is an industry first. Thomas Chung, Lead Services Engineer at Collectionary, highlighted how their pricing data differs from competitors, stating “We are not OverStreet Comic Book Price Guide, so we don’t have data on every issue… But our aim is to report as much real-world pricing information as we can on popularly traded books to help users understand their current trending value! And we believe that’s more valuable than ‘generic prices’ based purely on formulas which are often presented by others.”

Collectionary is developed and published by All Sorts LLC, a company dedicated to introducing innovative technology to the comics collecting hobby. This is evidenced by the successful launch of their own comics guru chatbot in OpenAI’s ChatGPT Store earlier this year. The chatbot AI provides insights and recommendations, helping collectors discover comics they might not otherwise ever know existed, and the company is investigating how to add this capability into the Collectionary app itself. The company continues to prioritize user feedback and ongoing app enhancements. Stephen Patterson, one of the company’s Co-Founders, emphasized “Delivering what collectors need is the whole point! Which is why we’re excited about upcoming features such as support for multiple copies in user collections, personal notes, and personal cover images later this year. And this is exactly why we encourage user feedback though the app.” As a decades-long veteran of the Apps industry, he takes special pride in Collectionary’s steady, high “Net Promoter Score”, a tech industry-preferred metric on customer satisfaction.

Other Key Features at a Glance:

• Cloud storage of User Collection List and WantList. Unlimited size.
• Creator Credits & Plot Summaries (as available)

Subscriber-Only Features, in addition to removing ads:
($2.99/ month, or $17.99 per year)

• “Power Seeker”: Allows users to set Seeker to hunt down up to 20 books simultaneously.
• Collection Stats Sharing: Unlocks collection statistics such as revealing the collection’s MVB (Most Valuable Book)

For more information about Collectionary and to download the app, visit or find Collectionary in the Apple App Store.

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