Color-Field Paintings Serves as the Ticket to Fiore Ai’s Art Evolution Exhibit

CHULA VISTA, CA, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2024 / — Join Fiore Ai on an artistic journey of exploring color as a visual and emotional experience in Color-Field Paintings.

This PageTurner Press and Media publication begins with a historical overview of Abstract Expressionism, highlighting key artists of the movement—including those who have primarily influenced Ai’s work. It is an exhibit of Ai’s creative process and her extraordinary use of color and form.

Featuring high-quality reproductions of Ai’s most iconic pieces, her paintings are characterized by their vibrant hues and emotional depth—drawing viewers into a world of pure color and form. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of the techniques and inspirations behind her vibrant canvases through insightful commentary and analysis of each bold use of color and innovative approach to composition.

A book review by Lesley Jones in Readers’ Favorite includes a helpful background of Ai’s painting style for art novices. Jones notes, “The more subtle member of the Abstract Expressionism artistic family, Color-Field gives you an insight into the mind of the artist while inspiring you to apply your own unique visual interpretation.”

Color-Field Paintings is a testament to Ai’s ability to turn blank canvases into fields of colors that speak volumes. Literary critics have voiced their appreciation in various book reviews.

One from BlueInk Review writes, “Ai’s Color-Field Paintings offers a conceptual and visual feast for art lovers, as well as inspirational and technical details for serious artists.”

Deborah Lloyd echoes this sentiment in a Readers’ Favorite book review, “This book will be especially appreciated by artists who feel inspired to express a new style or medium. The evolution of the work from one phase to the next is another lesson for artists.”

The book review in BlueInk Review elaborates, “Ai experimented with hard edges, light, and color grades to evoke movement, tension, and harmony and to manifest emotional and spiritual experiences. The chronological order of her work beautifully lays out the progression of her style and the power of abstract geometric painting. Ai’s descriptive words give insight into the technical complexity of creating each composition of shapes, waves, rays, prisms, light, and hue gradations.”

Deborah Lloyd concluded, “Fiori Ai has presented a modern-day art book in Color-Field Paintings—a gift for artists and those who appreciate art. The many variations Ms. Ai used in design, color, and light will keep the owner of this book entertained for years.”

This impressive book is a great addition to the library of any art lover, collector, or student of modern art. It is also an excellent resource for educators and art historians interested in contemporary abstract art. Copies are available at

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