LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 26, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — After 20 years of making short films and comic books about Justice For Hire (JFH), creator Jan Lucanus used ReelwUrld’s cinematic social network and AI tools to release his latest video that ties everything – and everyone – together into one show. JFH: The Story So Far showcases one of the largest casts in the history of film or television thanks to the JFH App, where users become characters in the cinematic universe and act out scenes for the show. Lucanus then mixed the crowdsourced footage with productions spanning from 2001 to now, using AI tools to maintain consistent image quality and fill in VFX and budgetary gaps. The result is an action-adventure tale of justice with deep lore that establishes new methods of community storytelling through cinema.

“I feel deeply empowered between the collaborative technology we’ve built with ReelwUrld and AI tools that plug into our system,” states Jan Lucanus, who founded ReelwUrld in 2017. “To be able to tell a story with a community means you’re empowering others to be storytellers too. The transformations I’ve seen in people participating in a story I made up in high school is beyond rewarding.”

Venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur Andy Russell hosted a livestream with Lucanus this week and said, “Each character matters in the social network of life.” Having framed ReelwUrld as a social impact investment to solve the problem of pain and suffering in the world through storytelling, Russell has invested in the company through their current equity crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder, “Make your own story, be the author of your own life, that’s what we’re training people how to do.”

Lucanus plans to partner with a streaming service to expand Justice For Hire into longer form content and augment ReelwUrld’s community production business model. JFH releases short form content on all social media platforms, while the community collaboration is contained within their app, which is free to join from JusticeForHire.app.

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