‘Coming Out For Love’ Finds Success In First Season

Contestants on Lesbian Reality Dating Show Coming Out For Love- Courtesy of Coming Out For Love

Coming Out For Love Host: Jessica Clark- Photo Courtesy from Coming Out For Love

Logo of Coming Out For Love Lesbian Reality Dating Show

Groundbreaking lesbian reality dating show makes history 
with impactful storytelling.

Coming Out for Love is a reflection of our dedication to bringing marginalized voices to the forefront, providing a space for lesbians to connect and find love authentically.”

— Nicole Conn

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 31, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — “Coming Out for Love,” the first-ever lesbian dating show in U.S. history, is set to complete its first season filmed in Palm Springs and has captivated audiences nationwide. Unlike any other dating program, Coming Out For Love champions inclusivity and fosters positive conversations among women from diverse backgrounds, all while on a mission to empower and amplify minority and queer voices in a world that often tries to silence them.

Coming Out for Love is not your ordinary dating show. By breaking barriers and challenging norms, the show creates an environment where love is celebrated in all its forms, engaging viewers with a safe space for candid conversations around identity, acceptance, and personal growth.

Directed by the award-winning lesbian filmmaker Nicole Conn, who has been featured in Forbes Magazine and is known for her acclaimed films “Elena Undone” and “A Perfect Ending,” which have been rated as Netflix’s Top Ten Hot Films on Decider, Coming Out For Love presents genuine queer contestants from diverse backgrounds engaged in discussions about their intricate love lives. The show uniquely explores complex situations arising from the intersectionality of queer identities, such as addiction, race, gender nonconformity, mental health, and being differently-abled, giving power back to those often silenced in mainstream media.

Conn emphasizes the significance of Coming Out for Love: “As a society, we must continuously strive for inclusivity and empathy. ‘Coming Out for Love’ is a reflection of our dedication to bringing marginalized voices to the forefront, providing a space for lesbians to connect and find love authentically,” Conn shared. “The show is filled with multi-diverse and multi-talented women who are not afraid to speak on controversial topics. Throughout the entirety of the show, everyone remained respectful and loving toward each other. It is truly the future of dating shows and is something the world has never seen.”

Contestants are fighting for the heart of activist and influencer Amber Whittington, while the charismatic actress Jessica Clark hosts the show. Esteemed celebrity guest judges like Jen Rainin, Franco Stevens, Sedona Prince, Caroline Rose Giuliani, Olivia Travel, Nik Kacy and many more influential personalities who are deeply connected to the LGBTQ+ community add to the excitement.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to amplify queer voices in a world that often attempts to silence them.

Exclusively available on the private streaming network, Comingoutforlove.com, Coming Out for Love can be enjoyed by subscribers both within the U.S. and internationally. Exciting news awaits as, starting September 1st, a bundle package will be offered, allowing viewers to binge-watch all episodes at once.

In addition to the exclusive platform, the first episode of Coming Out for Love is also accessible for viewing on OML TV, a prominent queer streaming platform.

For those craving an extra dose of excitement, the behind-the-scenes drama and juicy insights of “Coming Out After Dark” are ready to be explored by viewers, adding another layer of engagement to the overall experience.

Nicole Conn Films stands as a pioneering production company, fueled by a profound passion for compelling romantic storytelling. Founded by the esteemed filmmaker Nicole Conn, renowned for her groundbreaking work, the studio is dedicated to crafting impactful narratives that ignite change and touch the hearts of audiences. For more information about Nicole Conn and her works, visit: https://www.nicoleconnfilmsglobal.com/


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