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LOS ANGELES, CA, August 28, 2023/ — Three leading cybersecurity marketing communications agencies, Conveyance Marketing Group, OutBloom PR, and Allegro Solutions, have joined forces to launch Compass, a new specialized service aimed at assisting cybersecurity firms from the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK) in successfully entering and competing in the dynamic and highly lucrative US market.

“This partnership has been developed with a growth mindset,” said Sonia Awan, Founder and CEO of OutBloom PR. “By combining our unmatched marketing, content, and media-relations services, we are confident that Compass will be a big win for our clients and help scale their businesses in the US markets.”

With cybersecurity becoming an ever-growing concern worldwide, EU- and UK-based cybersecurity companies possess cutting-edge technologies and solutions to safeguard businesses and individuals. However, navigating the complex landscape of the US market and effectively reaching the right audience can be a daunting challenge.

“We each have a unique skill set and a proven history of enabling client success,” said Karen Walsh, Founder and CEO of Allegro Solutions. “Through this partnership, we combine our individual powers to make us – and our clients – stronger as they enter the US market.”

The trio is dedicated to helping EU and UK cybersecurity firms establish a strong foothold in the US market. Leveraging their 40+ years of experience supporting B2B technology and cybersecurity companies, they offer tailored strategies to enable EU and UK-based companies unlock their full potential and gain a competitive advantage in the US cybersecurity industry.

“Our mission is to empower EU and UK cybersecurity firms by providing them with the necessary tools, insights, and strategies to thrive in the highly competitive US market,” said Kristine Jacobson, Founder and CEO of Conveyance Marketing Group. “We believe that the innovative solutions offered by these firms deserve global recognition, and we are committed to helping them achieve exceptional success in the United States.”

Key Features of Compass:
– Comprehensive Market Research: Our team of seasoned professionals conducts in-depth market research to identify target demographics, assess competitors, and understand the unique requirements of the US cybersecurity market.

– Strategic Branding and Messaging: We work closely with our clients to develop a US-specific branding strategy that resonates with American customers, building trust and credibility for their products.
– Regulatory Compliance Expertise: We help our clients navigate messaging around key US-focused data privacy and security regulations.
– Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns: We employ cutting-edge digital marketing techniques, including social media, SEO, and content marketing, to create a strong online presence and generate high-quality leads.
– Networking and Partnerships: We facilitate connections with potential US partners, resellers, and distributors, streamlining market entry and expansion.
– Engaging Content Creation: Our expert content team crafts compelling case studies, customer testimonials, and educational materials to showcase the value and effectiveness of our clients’ cybersecurity solutions.
– Data Privacy Assurance: Understanding the paramount importance of data privacy in the cybersecurity industry, we help our clients communicate their robust security measures to reassure US customers.

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About Allegro Solutions
Allegro Solutions provides “Subject-Matter-Expert-as-a-Service” content focused on cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance enabling clients to generate audience-focused, educational assets by leveraging legal and internal auditor work experience. For more information, please visit

About Conveyance Marketing Group
Conveyance Marketing Group is an innovative marketing agency that specializes in crafting impactful branding strategies for businesses across industries. With a team of dedicated experts, the agency empowers tech innovators to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace through creative storytelling, data-driven insights, and strategic marketing approaches. For more information, please visit

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OutBloom PR is a specialized technology focused independent PR agency working exclusively with early stage startups, particularly with security vendors. With over 20 years of experience, OutBloom helps companies reach their desired level of media exposure and brand recognition by out of the box PR strategies and on-brand messaging with creative storytelling. For more information, please visit

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