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The latest innovative product helps mitigate risk in a stricter regulatory environment while reducing costs and boosting revenue when manually dialing.

We’re hearing positive responses about CallCatalyst™ – because it allows them to embrace more cautious practices while significantly cutting agent wait time.”

— Daniel Foppen, Vice President of Product & Product Marketing, Convoso

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2024 / — Today, Convoso, a leading provider of AI-powered contact center software for sales teams, unveiled the official release of CallCatalyst™ at the Customer Contact Week (CCW) conference. CallCatalyst™ is a new solution that delivers efficient dialing via manual human intervention for companies making outbound calls while driving revenue and reducing costs. The product accommodates companies with different risk profiles, especially where a more conservative approach to dialing is preferred.

“Convoso has built its platform and employed best practices to support compliance with the many federal and state regulations governing business and organization calls to consumers,” said Nima Hakimi, Convoso CEO and Co-Founder. “The launch of CallCatalyst™ represents a continuum of product development at Convoso to support our customers with compliance and greater efficiency. Our innovations have enabled our customers to grow and thrive over the years – it’s really satisfying to see.”

Some businesses use clicker agents, whose job is to manually launch calls throughout the day to maintain a steady flow of outbound calls for call center agents. CallCatalyst provides productive manual dialing for companies wishing to avoid the inefficiencies and higher costs associated with the extra time agents spend waiting for those calls to connect.

This high-performing human-initiated solution simultaneously offers efficient dialing and the compliance benefits of manual dialing. Compared with a standard click-to-call manual dialer, CallCatalyst significantly boosts agent efficiency, enabling them to talk to 20X more leads.

“We’ve noticed that some of our customers are interested in more conservative approaches for their outbound campaigns, even though they may not be required to use manual dialing,” said Daniel Foppen, Vice President of Product & Product Marketing at Convoso. “That’s why we’re hearing such positive responses about CallCatalyst – because it allows them to embrace more cautious practices while significantly cutting agent wait time.”

What does CallCatalyst do?

CallCatalyst increases control over manual dialing, allowing customers to connect to more leads and more easily manage compliance without sacrificing productivity. Key features include:
– Human-Initiated Calling: Sets the speed for human agents to initiate dialing leads but avoid over-dialing
– Lead Calling Optimization: Selects leads based on times and schedules optimized for peak compliance
– User Management: Tools streamline call initiation efficiency
– Monitoring & Analytics: Tools track and analyze the performance of agents
– New Interface: A user experience simplifies call initiation

How CallCatalyst Helps Convoso Customers

– Reduces call center operational costs by cutting time wasted on agents waiting for calls to connect
– Helps customers support compliance with federal TCPA regulations since all calls are human-initiated
– Keeps revenue flowing by opening new opportunities to contact more leads, particularly those that are only allowed to be dialed manually

Convoso’s CallCatalyst™ product launch continues the company’s innovation legacy, which began in 2006. The company is developing more products that support compliance with evolving regulatory changes while improving call center performance to power success for sales and lead generation teams.


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Convoso is a leading contact center software platform (CCaaS) for sales and lead generation teams. Since 2006, Convoso has continuously innovated solutions to drive customer growth while supporting regulatory compliance. Its omnichannel capabilities include conversational AI game-changer to further scale sales and revenue.

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