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Water Sports Company Coolcaa Sports Transforms Industry Standards with 11’8″ x 34″ Paddleboard

ONTARIO, CA, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2024 / — Coolacaa Sports today is introducing an 11’8″ x 34″ x 6″ size paddleboard, available just in time for the summer season for those located in the northern hemisphere. Two new models in this larger size have been released under the Coolcaa “Dolphin Series”: the Anchor Wing Paddler and Maple Marlin. These standup paddleboards (SUPs) combine novel design and engineering advancements and already appear to be extremely popular among the brand’s loyal customers.

“The Anchor Wing Paddler and Maple Marlin have revolutionized the world of paddleboards with their exceptional stability and maneuverability,” said a Coolcaa Spokesperson. “With unique dimensions of 11’8″ x 34″ x 6″ and a higher weight capacity than other inflatable paddleboards, they offer new possibilities and functionality for first-time and veteran paddleboarders alike,” they added.

This new, larger size is currently exclusive to Coolcaa, making it a world first in the paddleboard market. By following the golden ratio of paddleboard design, Coolcaa designed the length of the Anchor Wing Paddler and Maple Marlin paddleboards to be about 1.618 times their width. This ratio helps in balancing stability and speed. Applying the golden ratio results in a paddleboard that not only performs well but also has an aesthetically pleasing design.

The Dolphin Series boards both have a weight capacity of 480 pounds and can accommodate small groups of 2-3 individuals with a combined weight below the limit. Larger paddleboards with higher weight capacities have been a missing feature in the popular SUP market for years. A challenge often cited by many standup paddleboarders is an inability to bring additional items or riders along on their adventures comfortably without the risk of tipping over or feeling cramped.

Coolcaa appears to be answering that user need with the larger design including some key safety features outlined below.

A feature list provided by Coolcaa shows the paddleboard is equipped with six safety handles strategically placed for easy transportation – two on each end and two on each side. Additionally, the paddleboard features handles on both sides that are specifically designed for children. It also includes a durable 7mm thick ankle leash to prioritize safety for riders.

The Coolcaa Dolphin Series paddleboards are made from high-quality PVC that is designed to withstand the various elements one often encounters while paddleboarding. Each board comes in a bundle with a lightweight 25 oz. carbon fiber paddle designed with increased stiffness and rigidity to ensure a smooth and efficient paddling experience. The new bundle also includes an upgraded iSUP (inflatable stand-up paddleboard) bag for carrying the board, a pump for inflating the board on-site, and removable nylon fins.

“Our latest edition of the iSUP bag has an abundance of pockets, comfortable straps, and ample space, making it the perfect companion for your paddleboard and providing a super simple travel experience,” said Coolcaa.

Equipped with 4 action mounts, this paddleboard allows users to attach Go-Pro cameras, smartphone holders, or fishing rods in 4 accessible locations. The new larger size also provides storage space with 19 D-rings to accommodate gear, accessories, and towing needs. In addition to the new SUPs, Coolcaa also introduced “SUP-to-kayak” conversion kits, allowing riders to convert their paddleboard to a sit-down kayak by attaching a seat to the D-rings on the SUP.

With the Dolphin Series’ wider and longer platform compared to traditional SUPs, Coolcaa hopes to attract a wider audience of kids and adults keen on using their paddleboards for different and more social activities.

About Coolcaa Sports: Coolcaa Sports is a water sports products company based in California. Founded in 2021, Coolcaa has designed, produced, and distributed over 30,000 paddleboards as well as kayak kits, paddles, and other water accessories.

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