Coronado dentist provides tips for overcoming dental fear

Coronado dentist Jason Keckley, DMD discusses how sedation dentistry and modern dental technologies can help patients feel more relaxed during dental treatment.

CORONADO, CA, USA, August 8, 2023/ — Many individuals experience a level of anxiety or unease when faced with a routine visit to the dentist or the prospect of dental work. This apprehension can be triggered by various factors, including the fear of experiencing pain or past negative experiences with dentists. The discomfort can range from mild to severe, sometimes leading to a condition known as dentophobia. This can lead patients to avoid seeking dental care, which can result in compromised oral health. Fortunately, advancements in technology allow modern dentists to prioritize patient comfort during dental visits. Dr. Jason Keckley—a dentist in Coronado and the director of Coronado Classic Dentistry—offers tips for those experiencing dental anxiety to help them overcome their fears and commit to a healthier relationship with oral care.

Dr. Keckley stresses the importance of regular preventative dental care for maintaining not just good oral health but overall well-being. Keeping up with bi-annual professional teeth cleanings, dental examinations, and oral x-rays plays a vital role in preventing gum disease and other serious dental issues. Even if it has been a while since a patient’s last visit, Dr. Keckley affirms that it is never too late to reintroduce proper oral hygiene and routine dental care. He emphasizes the significance of selecting a dental practice that understands and addresses any fears or anxieties the patient may have, as it is the first step toward building a positive relationship with the dentist.

For those seeking relief from dental discomfort, Coronado Classic Dentistry offers several different types of sedation dentistry, including nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and general anesthesia.

Nitrous oxide—commonly known as laughing gas—is designed to put patients in a relaxed state while they remain conscious and responsive. Dr. Keckley is also licensed with the Dental Board of California to perform oral conscious sedation, which involves administering oral medication in advance of treatment to induce a deeper state of relaxation. Dr. Keckley notes that many patients who undergo oral conscious sedation fall asleep during their procedure and do not recall the majority of the treatment process.

For those suffering from severe dental anxiety, Coronado Classic Dentistry also offers general anesthesia services under the supervision of an experienced anesthesiologist. General anesthesia induces a state of total unconsciousness, enabling patients to receive treatment while asleep.

In addition to sedation dentistry, Dr. Keckley and his team also employ state-of-the-art dental technology to optimize the efficiency of procedures such as dental implant surgery. Patient safety and comfort are Dr. Keckley’s top priorities, and he takes the time to ensure each patient feels confident and informed about their treatment options.

To further enhance the overall patient experience, Coronado Classic Dentistry offers various office amenities to help encourage relaxation, including blankets, pillows, and private treatment rooms. Ultimately, scheduling regular dental visits can significantly reduce the risk of advanced gum disease, tooth loss, and other serious dental conditions, ensuring a healthy dental future. Dr. Keckley believes that forming a positive relationship with the dentist is an important step in the process of overcoming dental anxiety, allowing patients to commit to a healthier dental future.

About Jason Keckley, DMD
Dr. Jason Keckley is an experienced dentist and the director of Coronado Classic Dentistry. Alongside his team, he offers a wide range of cosmetic, restorative, preventative, and general dentistry services, including porcelain veneers, implant-supported dentures, and ClearCorrect™ clear aligners. An active member of the American Dental Association, the California Dental Association, and the San Diego County Dental Society, Dr. Keckley is committed to delivering modern and compassionate dental care in a comfortable and patient-focused environment. Dr. Keckley is available for an interview upon request.

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