Crossing Borders and Cultures Through Love and Friendship: Ali Atshani’s ‘My Little Moon’ Begins Filming in Los Angeles

Natalia Polo, Lead Star

Natalia Polo, Lead Star

Director Ali Atshani’s new project brings light to the reality of crossing physical and cultural boundaries.

My Little Moon is sentimental, inspiring, and beautiful.”

— Ali Atshani

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 24, 2023/ — The latest film project from acclaimed director Ali Atshani has officially begun production with the start of filming in Los Angeles. After a series of successful films produced in Iran and Europe, this is the third time that Atshani will make his mark on the Hollywood scene. This week, filming started in Simi Valley for ‘My Little Moon’. Earlier this year, the director received further recognition when “The Loteria” won the prestigious Remy Award at the Houston Film Festival. With his new project, he hopes to bring light to an often forgotten topic: crossing borders and cultures through love and friendship regardless of physical distance or inequality within different parts of the world. ‘My Little Moon’ tells a charming story about two teenage girls who form a deep online friendship that crosses borders and cultures. One hails from the United States of America and the other from Iran, proving that love and friendship know no boundaries regardless of physical distance or disparities in their respective worlds.

The movie was written and directed by Ali Atshani himself – making it evident that he wants his message to be heard loud and clear. This upcoming film provides an opportunity for viewers around the world to not only witness beautiful storytelling, but also gain insight into real life issues regarding border crossings between countries as well as equality amongst varying cultures. It sends out an important reminder that despite any differences we might have with each other whether cultural or geographical, we should remain connected through our humanity; something we could all use more of today!

‘My Little Moon’ will be participating in international festivals in 2024, and the film will be released on a reputable platform as a VOD after its cinema screening.

Ali Atshani serves as both Writer & Movie Director.

Natalia Polo (Lead), Elnaz Sepantamehr (Co-Lead), Brent Kublick, Nikole Amateau, & Matthew Fairman

Rana Naboi, Hamed Faizidzji, Sadruddin Homayoni & Kasri Homayoni

Executive Producer:
Sepehr Mikaeilian

First AD & Casting Director:
Sepehr Mikaeilian & Anna McNiven

Production Manager:
Siavash Tarazandepour

Line Producer:
Anna McNiven

Director of Photography:
Koohyar Kalari

Production Designer:
Majid Mirfakhrai

Costume Supervisor:
Elnaz Bagheri

First Assistant Art Director:
Pooyan Khangaldi

Sound Mixer:
Farzam Manteghi

Makeup & Hair:
Farzaneh Zardosht

Camera Operator:
Reza Kabiri

Script Supervisor:
Shabnam Jaymand

Mohammadhadi Akhondi

Banafsheh Navaie

DP Assistant:
Hadi Akhundi

‘My Little Moon’ Production by American Bright Light Film Productions.

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