Vital Gen Z cultural and generational knowledge to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

The Gen Z Intelligence Series™ will help researchers and marketers stay ahead of the curve by building their consumer intuition with advanced Gen Z cultural data and insights.”

— Marissa Romero

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — As we see the Gen Z generation entering the workforce and becoming one of the largest segments of consumers, it is important for brands to understand how this generation will grow and evolve over time, and how that impacts brand relationships and media consumption. It is imperative for marketers to stay one step ahead of this evolution to ensure that their Gen Z strategy not only reflects today’s consumer but also plans for the future.

To help marketers stay ahead of the curve, Culturati Research & Consulting, Inc. (Culturati) a thought leader in U.S. cross-cultural and generational intelligence, has released the Gen Z Intelligence Series™ which includes two unparalleled Gen Z reports with breakthrough cultural data & insights to take cultural fluency to the next level! There are currently two syndicated reports in the series and two more will be added in the upcoming months. “Unlocking Gen Z 2.0” ©2023 and “Engaging Gen Z Through the Power of Sports” ©2023 deliver breakthrough cultural knowledge. These reports elevate knowledge of this important generational cohort and will undoubtedly expand the thinking on how to form real, long-lasting brand connections as they navigate their formative years!

As customary with Culturati’s Cultural Intelligence reports, these groundbreaking reports offer cross-cultural analysis and robust generational analysis. They also leverage historical data and insights that compare Gen Z to Millennials at a similar age (18-26) uncovering key nuances across these two cohorts.

“We are very excited to continue exerting thought leadership in the industry with unparalleled cultural and generational knowledge. Culturati’s Gen Z Intelligence Series™ will help researchers and marketers build strong consumer intuition with advanced Gen Z cultural data and insights. The release of this series is a wonderful way to celebrate two decades of helping Fortune 100 companies win in our ever-evolving new American mainstream with ground-breaking insight frameworks and syndicated knowledge,” stated Marissa Romero, Chief Insights Officer at Culturati.

The Gen Z Intelligence Series™ brings together over 100 years of combined experience in cross-cultural research and consulting. Our knowledge collaboration included tenured researchers and marketers as well as a group of Gen Z-er consultants who were led by Jacob (Jake) Martin, Gen Z intern. Aside from being a rising Gen Z researcher, Jake is also an Assistant Coach at the Boys & Girls Club and President & Founder of the Sport Analytics & Business Club at Torrey Pines High School.

UNLOCKING GEN Z 2.0 ©2023 (Gen Z n=895; Millennials n=1,949; and Gen X n=1,535. Within Gen Z,
sample sizes by race ethnicity are Non-Ethnic White n=324; Hispanic n=242; Black n=189; Asian n=132 and Other n=8.)
This report will deepen and broaden your consumer knowledge of age 18+ Gen Z-ers vs. older cohorts. We will also take you on a breakthrough empathy journey that uncovers cultural nuances and key behaviors across White Non-Ethnic, Hispanic, Black, and Asian Gen Z-ers. The report includes three key components: Culture & Lifestyle, Shopper, and Media. Understanding similarities and differences among the diverse Gen Z population can help create more meaningful connections & elevate brand resonance today and in the future.

ENGAGING GEN Z THROUGH THE POWER OF SPORTS ©2023 (Gen Z n=450. Within Gen Z, sample sizes by race ethnicity are Non-Ethnic White n=150; Hispanic n=150; Black n=75; Asian n=75)

This explores how beliefs and attitudes influence sports behaviors among Gen Z, examining both general market vs. multicultural. The advanced analysis also considers how Hispanic Universal Truths(1) shape fandom among Latino Gen Z-ers, Black Key Themes(2) shape fandom among Black Gen Z-ers, and how Asian Universal Truths(3) shape fandom among Asian Gen Z-ers. Revealing key differences between pride, community, and other emotional needs is critical in elevating engagement with Gen Z consumers and/or fans. The report also looks at Gen Z sports fans to understand how to further engage Moderate and Casual Fans vs. Super Fans.

Culturati, a thought leader in cross-cultural intelligence, is committed to bringing human insights to the industry with the goal of texturizing today’s polycultural mainstream and crystallizing opportunities for greater cultural relevancy in marketing. Since 2004, Culturati has helped many Fortune 100 companies build sustainable brand growth with advanced cross-cultural intelligence. Contact Culturati Research & Consulting, Inc. for more information on the Gen Z Intelligence Series.™

Contact Culturati: Marissa Romero at Marissa.Romero@CulturatiResearch.com


1. U.S. Hispanic Universal Truths, Culturati, ©2023 refresh
2. Black American Key Themes, Culturati, ©2023 refresh
3. Asian American Universal Truths, Culturati, ©2023 refresh

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