Cutting-Edge Dental Insurance Verification Feature Launches in Yapi Leap

Yapi Leap

Yapi Leap

Yapi Leap Insurance Verification

Yapi Leap Insurance Verification

Yapi introduces a rapid, comprehensive dental insurance verification feature in Yapi Leap, streamlining operations and enhancing patient satisfaction.

BURBANK, CA, USA, June 27, 2024 / — Yapi, a leader in automation and productivity software for dental practices, proudly announces the release of its cutting-edge Dental Insurance Verification feature. This addition enhances the innovative capabilities of their web app, Yapi Leap.

Yapi clients have reported that verifying insurance coverage for their patients is often complicated and time-consuming, requiring multiple verifications throughout the year.

Additionally, obtaining accurate information with other tools or avenues has been challenging. This inefficiency has resulted in hundreds of hours spent by the office staff on non-productive activities. With this new release, Yapi offices can now effortlessly verify patient insurance eligibility within seconds, saving time, enhancing patient satisfaction, and streamlining practice operations with access to over 200 insurance providers.

Recent statistics from clients already using the new capabilities have shown tremendous productivity savings. Clients have reported saving over 15 minutes per patient check, resulting in over 70 hours per month of productivity savings. This feature allows office staff to repurpose their time for more imperative activities, improving patient care and satisfaction. Furthermore, future automation capabilities promise to enhance that experience even more, providing additional productivity improvements.

Key features of the new Insurance Verification tool in Yapi Leap include:

•Rapid Eligibility Checks: Eliminate the hassle of navigating multiple portals and making phone calls. With a single click, verify the eligibility status of a patient’s dental insurance and receive rapid results directly in Yapi Leap in seconds.

•Detailed Benefits Summaries: Receive in-depth in-network and out-of-network breakdowns of patient benefits, including deductibles, maximums, and coinsurance, and detailed insights into coverage by ADA service codes.

•Extensive Insurance Network: Gain access to verify coverage with over 200 insurance companies, ensuring comprehensive and reliable verification.

•Plan Usage: Identify Individual/Family coverage amounts used and remaining.

•Error Detection: Status results specify whether a policy term has expired or whether data discrepancies in your patient records need to be addressed.

“Verifying insurance coverages for patients has always been a dreaded activity for the office staff. Long wait times with carriers, inaccurate coverage results from other tools, lack of broad network coverage of providers, etc., have made these tasks undesirable for our clients,” said Kevin Keller, Yapi’s Chief Revenue Officer. “With this release, we’ve received tremendous feedback from clients about how quickly the verification is confirmed, in seconds, and the level of detail they received on coverages for that patient’s specific plan. We’ve also seen an average of 170 monthly checks completed, which we expect to increase, leading to significant time savings and improved patient satisfaction- both outcomes we intend to deliver to our current and future clients. We’re excited about further enhancements planned for our insurance verification capabilities, which will only provide more value to our entire base.”

By seamlessly integrating with practice management software and over 200 insurance providers, Yapi ensures accurate, timely insurance checks that save valuable time, eliminate costly errors, and ultimately boost revenue for practices by streamlining operations and enhancing patient satisfaction.

Dental Insurance Verification in Yapi Leap is now available for dental practices seeking to improve operational efficiency and patient trust. For more information about Yapi’s new insurance verification capabilities and how to get started, please visit Yapi’s website.

About Yapi: Yapi provides industry-leading software solutions that automate and streamline dental office operations and the entire patient journey. Their platform offers a range of features, including patient communication, digital forms, and appointment scheduling, designed to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance the patient experience. For more information, visit

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