D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation Celebrates Success of Annual Back to School Expo

Back to School Expo 2023

D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation holds Back to School Expo at it’s headquarters.

Just Serve

JustServe was among several non-profit and for-profit organizations who came out to support the Back to School Expo event.

Back to School Expo Volunteers

Several volunteers from the D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation were available to guide attendees throughout the event.

Inspiring Educational Empowerment: Reflecting on the Success of the Annual Back to School Expo by the D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation

In the journey of education, collaboration is the compass that guides us towards a brighter future”

— D’Andre Lampkin

ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation is thrilled to announce the resounding success of its annual Back to School Expo, held on Saturday, July 29, 2023. The event, made possible through a remarkable collaborative effort with corporate sponsors, non-profit organizations, and dedicated volunteers, has once again provided a promising start to the school year for countless children in our community.

This year’s Back to School Expo, hosted by the D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation, saw an unprecedented level of support from organizations such as JustServe, BraveSpaces, Key Medical Resources Inc, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Vision y Compromiso, Higher Kingdom Marketing, Claremont Tax & Accounting, TransContinental, and Care Staffing Professionals. Their commitment to the community played a vital role in ensuring the success of the Expo and exemplifies the power of collective action in making a difference.

“In the journey of education, collaboration is the compass that guides us towards a brighter future,” said D’Andre Lampkin, Founder and Board Chair of the D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation. “By working hand in hand, organizations ensure that students have the resources they need for a successful school year. Today, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participating organizations for their tireless efforts in equipping our young learners with the tools they need to thrive academically,” he added.

One of the key highlights of the event was a raffle, through which a deserving group of students were awarded with brand-new laptops. These laptops will not only enhance their learning experience but also provide them with the necessary tools to excel academically. The D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation believes in the importance of equitable access to technology and aims to bridge the digital divide for all students in our community.

Andrew Gerardo serves the D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation as the lead administration support and lead the organization of the event. “I hope our collaborative efforts continue to blossom, nurturing a generation of students who are empowered, inspired, and ready to conquer the world with their knowledge and dreams,” said Andrew. “Thank you to all the organizations that have been instrumental in making this Expo a resounding success, and here’s to an even brighter future. Together, we can make a difference!”

Jugmanpreet Sanghera with Care Staffing Professionals said, “With each passing year, the Back to School Expo becomes an emblem of unity and support for our community. This is the third year we have sponsored a Back to School event hosted by the D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation and we envision its growth in the years to come, reaching new heights as we forge ever-stronger partnerships. Together, let us build bridges of opportunity, providing a solid foundation for students to reach their fullest potential.”

The Back to School Expo serves as a reminder that it takes a strong alliance to initiate change and foster growth. By bringing together various stakeholders, the D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation is forging partnerships that ensure every child in our community has an equal opportunity for success in their educational journey. The Foundation is immensely grateful for the support of its sponsors and volunteers, whose dedication and generosity play a pivotal role in empowering the future generation.

Through its diverse initiatives, the D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation continues to make a significant impact in the lives of the underprivileged and marginalized members of our community. By addressing critical issues such as education, technology, and youth development, the Foundation remains committed to uplifting individuals and fostering a more equitable society.

For further information about the D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation and its initiatives, please visit www.lampkinfoundation.org.

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