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This funding round enables Data Safeguard to advance our market leadership position within the Data Privacy product segment.

The FFB bank empowered us to expand our market presence and bring more products to the markets, enabling us to support our customers better.”

— Elliott Lowen

SANTA CLARA, CA, USA, July 21, 2023/ — Data Safeguard secures funding led by FFB Bank to accelerate market presence.

Data Safeguard, a leading provider of AI empowered Data Privacy solutions, is thrilled to announce the successful completion of its seed funding round, led by FFB Bank. The funds will be instrumental in fueling the company’s growth initiatives, enhancing product features, and fortifying its position as a trusted leader in redacting sensitive and personally identifiable information data elements in complex enterprise data environments.

This funding round enables Data Safeguard to advance our market leadership position within the Data Privacy product segment. With the recent release of ID-REDACT® on cloud platforms, Data Safeguard now offers it’s AI empowered product to both enterprise organizations and individual consumers, ensuring compliance with stringent data privacy regulations and mitigating the risks associated with data breaches.

“We are delighted to have secured funding from FFB Bank, a prominent financial institution known for its commitment to supporting innovative technology startups,” said Sudhir Sahu, CEO of Data Safeguard. “This money represents a significant milestone for Data Safeguard, allowing us to accelerate our customer onboarding and revenue enhancement efforts.”

As part of the funding agreement, Data Safeguard will continue to leverage FFB Bank to drive its strategic vision forward. With a shared commitment to customer-centric innovation, Data Safeguard aims to revolutionize data protection practices and establish new standards of excellence in the industry.

“This investment marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for Data Safeguard,” continued Mr. Sahu. “In addition to FFB Bank, we are actively exploring partnerships with several other strategic investors who share our vision of a safer digital world. Together, we will unlock new possibilities and push the boundaries of data privacy solutions.”
“We are excited to be able to financially support Data Safeguard’s current growth and looking forward to continued support for their future growth”, said Omar Olla, VP and Business Development Officer at FFB Bank.

With the increasing frequency and sophistication of data breaches, Data Safeguard’s state-of-the-art AI products have gained substantial traction across various sectors, ranging from banking and financial services, healthcare, technology, retail, and government organizations. By investing in cutting-edge technology and prioritizing customer needs, Data Safeguard aims to continue providing unrivaled data protection services and empower organizations to take control of their data privacy compliance needs.

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