Deanne Lewis

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, May 3, 2024 / — SuccessBooks® is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Deanne Lewis for the upcoming book, “Mindset Matters,” featuring contributions from an exceptional team of co-authors and celebrated author, Jack Canfield.

Deanne Lewis, renowned for her insights in the mastery of mindset, is the force behind Emerge Positive®, a company dedicated to fostering personal and corporate growth through positive mindset.

Deanne’s latest innovation, Connect by Emerge Positive™, is a pioneering cloud-based SaaS service designed to enhance workplace productivity and well-being through daily motivational content. This tool seamlessly integrates with corporate environments, delivering a daily nudge promoting a culture of positivity and high performance.

Learn more about how Connect by Emerge Positive™ can transform your organization and explore personal growth opportunities with Deanne at

SuccessBooks® extends a warm welcome to Deanne Lewis as a co-author of “Mindset Matters”. Stay tuned for the release of this transformative book, poised to captivate and empower audiences with the collective stories of Deanne Lewis, Jack Canfield, and their exceptional co-authors.

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