DeHealth Announces the First Global Health Super App

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Anna Bondarenko, DeHealth Co-founder

Anna Bondarenko, DeHealth Co-founder

Denys Tsvaig

Denys Tsvaig, Dehealth Co-founder and CEO

DeHealth is accepting beta users for its November 2024 launch–debuting as the first global platform to safely store, analyze, and manage data 24/7.

We want to empower individuals worldwide to own their health data and be able to securely store and share it with providers as needed–no matter where they are in the world.”

— Denys Tsvaig, DeHealth Co-founder and CEO

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2024 / — DeHealth, an international health technology company, announces the launch of its innovative health management platform. The first of its kind globally, the DeHealth super app is a comprehensive, multilingual app that allows users to safely store, analyze, share and translate health data 24/7. The app is set to debut on November 20, 2024. Individuals can subscribe to become beta users at

“We are very excited about the platform we’ve been building,” states co-founder and CEO Denys Tsvaig. “We want to empower individuals worldwide to own their health data and be able to securely store and share it with providers as needed–no matter where they are in the world.”

More than a data repository, DeHealth is a trove of vital information. The DeHealth app analyzes health data and provides insights and customized health recommendations to help individuals better manage their health. At later stages of development, DeHealth plans to enable users to connect to certain health devices to track daily metrics and suggest tailored health programs for weight loss, pregnancy, sleep management, and other conditions.

Beneficial in times of emergency, DeHealth’s Global Health ID and built-in multilingual translation provide peace of mind to individuals traveling outside of their home region. Users can upload their health data, and in the event of an emergency, users have the potential to share their health information and analytics with emergency services. Users can also access the DeHealth virtual assistant 24/7 for non-emergency, health-related inquiries.

“What we love most about the DeHealth super app is that individuals can now take control of their health like never before,” shares co-founder and managing partner, Anna Bondarenko. “In the unfortunate event of war or displacement, it can become impossible to retrieve one’s previous medical records. With DeHealth, families own their data and always have access.”

Developed by a global team of doctors and data scientists, DeHealth aims to revolutionize personal health management with its robust suite of features:

– DataBank: Securely store and share medical records and lab test results with providers worldwide.

– Calendar: Manage daily health tasks and goals with a robust calendar featuring timely reminders.

– Global Health ID: A solution that allows individuals to have a unified medical record regardless of healthcare information systems, clinics, and medical laboratories where they receive services.

– Insights: Receive customized and timely news, reviews, articles and educational resources relevant to one’s health goals.

– Reports: Receive valuable reports on health data including lab test results, vital signs, and lifestyle factors, in easy-to-understand graphs demonstrating trends over time and potential risk factors that empower users to make informed decisions about their health.

– Documents Analysis: DeHealth leverages Al to identify key information, extract relevant data, and provide structured summaries.

– Translation: Users can translate individual medical examinations or conclusions, ensuring accurate and precise interpretation of diagnostic reports.

Global Traction
Since 2021, DeHealth has garnered attention from governments and technology leaders around the world and established more than twenty global partnerships to help further its mission. Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Computer, has expressed his support of DeHealth’s work, encouraging the team to keep pushing forward. “You are doing crazy good work, pushing boundaries like we did in the Apple days. Keep being bold,” says Wozniak. “The U.S. IT and VC veterans – we’ve got your back. Think differently and change the world.”
Onboarding Beta Users
DeHealth is accepting users for its beta launch and offering a 70% early bird discount on subscriptions. Early adopters will be the first to utilize this groundbreaking technology. The early bird subscription is $2.99 for the first month, and the early bird annual subscription is just $29.99. Early bird users gain access to the DeHealth VIP Community consisting of exclusive offers, private events and early access to new features. To learn more visit:

About DeHealth
Founded in 2021, DeHealth is an international health technology company developing innovative, personalized, and accessible health solutions to help individuals worldwide achieve their wellness goals. The DeHealth Super App is a holistic health management platform designed to empower users with seamless access to personalized healthcare services, comprehensive medical records, and valuable insights for proactive health management. Combining leading-edge technology with user-centric design, DeHealth offers a variety of robust features that address the diverse needs of users and solve the most difficult challenges in the healthcare system. DeHealth is led by co-founders – cybersecurity expert, Denys Tsvaig and IT entrepreneur, Anna Bondarenko– and supported by a global team of doctors and data science experts. DeHealth is headquartered in the U.S. with research centers in the UK, Ukraine, Israel, and New Zealand. To learn more visit:

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