Dentulu Expands Dental Artificial capabilities through strategic partnership w/ Toothlens Revolutionizing Teledentistry

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At-home dental self-assessments aided by Toothlens’ Artificial Intelligence using Dentulu’s MouthCAM and mobile phones expands dental evaluations on demand

Partnering with Dentulu, the world leader in Teledentistry, expands our ability to scale our artificial intelligence offerings to a broader audience which includes both consumers and dental offices.”

— Dr. Manoj Rajan DDS

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2023/ — Dentulu, the frontrunner in Teledentistry solutions, proudly announces a visionary partnership with Toothlens, a pioneer in AI-powered oral health assessment. This groundbreaking collaboration marks a significant leap forward in the evolution of remote dental care, as Dentulu seamlessly integrates the full spectrum of Toothlens’ advanced artificial intelligence capabilities into its multifaceted platform.

As digital healthcare rapidly gains traction, Dentulu has emerged as a trailblazer at the forefront of integrating the top innovations in dentistry into its platform. Through this partnership, Dentulu and Toothlens are merging their strengths to provide unprecedented access to high-quality oral health assessment and care through mobile devices as well as intraoral cameras at home. Pictures of the teeth, gums, and oral cavity taken by patients can now be analyzed with artificial intelligence with alerts and notifications relayed back to the dental office to enhance overall patient care.

The synergistic fusion of Dentulu’s Teledentistry expertise and Toothlens’ cutting-edge AI technology is set to redefine how patients and dental professionals approach oral health management. By embedding Toothlens’ artificial intelligence photo analysis within Dentulu’s comprehensive platform, this partnership ushers in an era of unparalleled precision diagnostics, proactive oral health monitoring, and an unparalleled continuity between virtual care and in-person dental consultations.

At the core of this collaboration lies the seamless integration of Toothlens’ sophisticated AI technology with Dentulu’s proprietary intraoral camera, the renowned MouthCAM. This synergistic synergy empowers patients to effortlessly capture intricate intraoral images via their personal phones and intra-oral devices at home, providing an intuitive and user-friendly means of monitoring their oral health. These images are seamlessly processed by Toothlens’ AI algorithms, enabling rapid and comprehensive assessments of potential oral health concerns.

“Dentulu’s synergy with Toothlens exemplifies our commitment to transforming the landscape of dental care by empowering patients,” declared Dr. Arash Hakhamian, CEO and Chief Dental Director at Dentulu. “We envision a future where dental care transcends geographical boundaries, placing the power of precise diagnostics and personalized care into the hands of patients and dental professionals alike.” The advancement of oral health equity and accessibility remains as one of the core values at Dentulu.

Dental practitioners stand to gain immensely from this dynamic partnership. The integration of Toothlens’ AI capabilities equips them to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology into their practice, empowering them with enriched insights that facilitate remote patient monitoring, tailored treatment planning, and enhanced patient engagement, even in virtual settings. Patient’s can be empowered with their own personal MouthCAM intraoral cameras or utilize their mobile phones to take intraoral pictures which will be analyzed by artificial intelligence for plaque, cavities, inflammation, recession and more. Not only will patients be able to self-assess ongoing changes in their oral health, clinicians will now have a powerful recall tool to help bring patients into their offices with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

“Partnering with Dentulu, the world leader in Teledentistry, expands our ability to scale our artificial intelligence offerings to a broader audience which includes both consumers and dental offices alike. We are extremely excited to help improve recalls and clinical outcomes by empowering patients to capture and evaluate pictures they take themselves on their mobile phones and personal intraoral cameras,” explains Dr. Manoj Rajan, CEO of ToothLens.

The Dentulu-Toothlens partnership underscores the collective commitment of both entities to spearhead innovation in Teledentistry and digital healthcare. It signifies not only a technological leap but also a paradigm shift in empowering patients to proactively manage their oral health and enabling dental professionals to provide unparalleled care, regardless of constraints.

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About Toothlens: Toothlens is an AI-driven innovator, specializing in the analysis of intraoral images to detect latent oral health issues. Harnessing advanced artificial intelligence, Toothlens reimagines how patients and dental professionals perceive and address oral health assessment. Toothlens provides AI-powered pre-check technologies for effective patient lead screening and remote monitoring for dental offices.

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