Devrims Launches OpenLiteSpeed LOMP Stack Hosting on AWS and DigitalOcean Cloud Servers

Tech Stack Comparison: Apache (LAMP) vs Nginx (LEMP) vs Open LiteSpeed (LOMP)

Tech Stack Comparison: Apache (LAMP) vs Nginx (LEMP) vs Open LiteSpeed (LOMP)

Development and web agencies can now create and manage PHP apps on speedy OpenLiteSpeed LOMP stack without the worry of server management

The new Open LiteSpeed LOMP hosting unlocks high scalability and reliability, making the platform ideal for hosting high-traffic websites.”

— Atiq uz Zaman, CEO – Devrims

SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 17, 2023/ — Devrims, a leading managed cloud hosting platform, today announced the full rollout of Open LiteSpeed Hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and DigitalOcean cloud servers as LOMP stack.

OpenLiteSpeed is a high-performance web server known for its speed and efficiency. It is a fork of the LiteSpeed Web Server, one of the fastest web servers on the market.

Devrims OpenLiteSpeed Cloud Hosting Platform offers several benefits, including easy deployment and management, enhanced security, and reduced cost.

OpenLiteSpeed Hosting on Devrims Cloud Hosting Platform is easily deployed through LOMP Stack. The easy-to-use, one-click Devrims Platform allows developers to spin speedy OpenLiteSpeed instances for PHP apps on cloud infrastructure options of Amazon Web Services and DigitalOcean. The platform includes a user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy to manage, monitor, and scale web apps and e-commerce stores, making it a good choice for businesses of all sizes.

Every web server comes equipped with security features, yet LiteSpeed stands out as the champion. Its advanced website protection and out-of-the-box technology position make it win the security competition. LiteSpeed goes a step beyond by supporting Apache mod-security rules and supplementing them with extra security attributes such as defense against brute force and DDoS attacks. Additionally, it employs IP-level throttling to conserve network bandwidth against requests originating from a single IP address. This is achieved by restricting the number of simultaneous connections permitted from one IP. The LiteSpeed server takes security a notch higher by relocating the security CAPTCHA from the application layer to the server level. This proactively thwarts unauthorized login attempts by automatically obstructing IP addresses. LOMP Stack’s core security features include a web application firewall, scrutiny of static files, inspection of requests, limits on CGI resource consumption, and more. Additionally, Devrims supports free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates on apps deployed through its platform.

Hosting a web app on LOMP stack can reduce costs. LiteSpeed is an incredibly lightweight and exceptionally high-performance server. Unlike the approach of generating new processes or threads for each incoming request, LiteSpeed employs a single process to manage numerous requests, effectively economizing on RAM and CPU usage. This strategy proves particularly advantageous during periods of elevated traffic. While there might be a modest uptick in RAM and CPU consumption, it doesn’t result in the exponential escalation of hardware utilization seen in Apache. On average, opting for LiteSpeed Hosting can lead to a reduction of approximately 30% in hardware resource utilization compared to alternative web servers.

“We are excited to launch Managed OpenLiteSpeed Hosting on AWS and DigitalOcean. This new offering unlocks high scalability and reliability, making the platform ideal for hosting high-traffic websites. With the addition of Managed LOMP Hosting, Devrims proudly stands as the sole managed cloud hosting provider that offers a seamless 1-Click installation of all PHP-based Tech Stacks (namely, Apache, Nginx, and OpenLiteSpeed) for Linux-based environments,” said Atiq uz Zama, founder and CEO of Devrims.

With over 25 hosting locations globally, users can test Devrims for free for six days. The platform has an easy-to-use console with more than 50 essential cloud management features on one-click deployment. Users can create PHP web apps with the confidence of 99.9% uptime.

The pricing plans start at $10.95 per month. All plans are usage-based, and accounts will be invoiced at the start of each calendar month based on the previous month’s usage of cloud servers, including infrastructure and management charges.

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